The CBSE has announced the dates of its 2020 board examinations. Not just class 10, CBSE has also announced the dates for its class 12 examinations.

Through its activity calendar for the academic session 2019-2020, CBSE has declared that the exams for both these classes will flag off from 15th February 2020 and will continue into the month of March, 2020.

Be well informed and well prepared to make the most of this interim period. You must have often heard that class 10 exams are the most important pathway for further studies.

Once your results are out, you can decide your stream of choice. Same with 12th, better results will prepare you to pursue a career of your choice.

Now that the dates are out, we will provide you with the best guidelines to make the most of this opportunity. To begin with, plan methodically and approach the exams categorically.

In this article we have carefully compiled related updates, and curated the best tips for your success:

  1. Sample Papers – by now you should have completed your course and familiarized yourself with the content of syllabus and structure of exam. Since CBSE releases the sample question papers of all subjects, students must start solving these according to a set time-limit. It is essential to dedicate time to understand the format of questions and know the marking pattern well. This will prepare you attempt questions from a strategic point of view.
  2. Syllabus – CBSE often alters the syllabus, so it is of utmost importance to prepare yourself according to latest syllabus. Students should also practice and know which topics denote more marks. This is a superlative indicator to approach those topics, both in studying and attempting.
  3. Previous year Samples – whether to eliminate exactly those questions, or to prepare well ahead of time, it is crucial to know last year’s question papers very well. And remember, every time you solve a real-question paper your confidence shoots up.
  4. Notes – it is advisable that while you are studying pictorial representations such as diagrams, graphs or even memorizing definitions and formulas, you make a separate notebook to write it all down as your own “Notes.” For a crash revision, this collated information will help you save time.
  5. Revision – make it a habit. Even when you are doing mock tests at home or in study groups, make sure to time yourself such that you have enough time to revise your entire answer script.
  6. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – you must remember that in this span of almost three months you should not lock down the walls upon yourself. Go out, exercise and play. Keep your eyes off the screen. Too much time on gadgets will not be right. Come back to your books with a fresh mind.
  7. Stay healthy – do everything necessary, including avoiding junk food during this time so that no ailment hits you before or during the Boards.

Make the most of this early declaration, prepare well, and wish you luck!

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