IIM Shillong pushes registration date by a day

Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Shillong

After recieving numerous complaints from candidates about not beng able to submit applications, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Shillong today decided to extend the application deadline by one day to January 22, 2013.

Informing us about this, Mr Merlvin Jude Mukhim, Public Relations Officer (PRO) at IIM Shillong said there was a major increase in traffic to the institutes website today, as it was originally the last day for applications. “This lead to server problems and the problem in submitting applications,” he said.

The b-school had faced problems of a similar nature on the final day of application submission last year as well. “This is the reason we had sent an SMS to applicants a week ago that they should not wait for the last day to submit their applications.” Mr Mukhim added.

When asked why the institute did not foresee this situation since it was the same last year, Mr Merlvin said that it is not always possible to add servers or increase the capacity of the present servers.

Since today was earlier the last day of applications, the server slowdown created a lot of confusion among the candidates. Kirti Vennapusa filled the application form thrice, but each time she tried submitting it, she was redirected to a page stating problem loading page.

Similarly, another applicant, who did not wish to be named, said that when he clicked on submit at the end of the application, the page got refreshed and redirected him to the initial login page. “I logged in to check out if my application was accepted, I was surprised to see I could still edit it, which meant it was not submitted,” he said.

Owing to these problems, the b-school extended the application deadline by one day. While current IIM Shillong students communicated the extension in the application deadline online through PaGaLGuY forums and Facebook by early afternoon, the website official page continued to flash the earlier deadline. This further increased the confusion amongst candidates.
The website finally changed its status to Last date of submission is 22nd January 2013 Upto 12 Noon by 4 pm, bringing relief to all the candidates.