IIM Indore Launches Six Month Online Certificate Programmes in Product Management

IIMs are the epitome of educational learning for aspirants coming from different sections of the country. The plan to provide a significant position to the country on the map of success, transformation and evolution are incomplete without the support of institutions like IIM.

With polishing the skills of young professionals in creating future leaders, the Indian Institute of Management has never failed its students.

However, there has been simultaneous development going on within the core of the institution. IIM Indore has recently launched its six-month online certification course in product management, indicating a significant improvement in the course structure.

Know more about the online Post-graduation product management programme 

The online certification course in product management has been planned in collaboration with the Jigsaw Academy to provide essential fundamental and specialised knowledge in the sphere of product management.

This post-graduation programme has been developed to provide knowledge on critical aspects like product ideation, design methodologies, implementation, techniques, industrialisation, improvement, market analysis and much more. Theoretical and practical knowledge will be delivered until the completion of the course.

The programme curriculum comprises of knowledge deliverables through projects, case studies, sessions with industry experts, campus visit to IIM Indore, peer-t-peer learning and much more. Other essential details about the programme have been mentioned herewith.

  1. The programme is likely to commence on 31st October through virtual learning platforms as suggested by the institutional authorities. Therefore, it is an online instructor-led course in a live mode.
  2. The aspirants willing to apply for the programme are required to make a fee payment of Rs. 2.8 lakhs for the six-month programme.
  3. After the successful completion of the course, a joint certificate from IIM Indore and Jigsaw Academy will be awarded to the candidates.
  4. Before applying for the course, the aspirants must fulfil the eligibility criteria as proposed by the authorities. Candidates must have scored a minimum of 50 per cent marks in graduation or post-graduation programme. Moreover, the candidates must also possess a two-year professional work experience
  5. The course will be conducted through the help of eminent instructors from both Jigsaw Academy and IIM Indore; therefore, it is a golden opportunity for candidates to add a bonus point to their profiles.
  6. The candidates can access the programme from any corner of the country or the world and are ideal for polishing the product development and management skills required in the present industry.

The product management course has been planned to enhance the critical thinking abilities of aspirants while bringing life to a product and introducing it to the markets. From the ideation step to the final launch of the product, the course will throw light on the essential steps to follow throughout the process.

The course will assist individuals to convert their ideas into a product, construct the road map, complete all the product development stages with utmost perfection and tackling all the challenges faced throughout the product development life cycle.

CEO Co-Founder, Gaurav Vohra, expressed his views on the recently launched programme stating that the course will enhance the in-depth learning abilities of the candidates, exposing them to the essential requirements for product development and management.

Aspirants would be allowed to experiment with their ideas and will turn their ideas into products to construct their entrepreneurial journey.

He also adds that the programme is a first of its kind since it’s the only programme in the country that conforms to the 5i framework guidelines. Earlier, other IIM institutions have also launched online certificate programmes in product management. IIM-Lucknow was one of them.

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