IIM common admission test (IIMCAT),2020 has a New Undertaking Format: Know why you should fill it. 

Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) has released a new undertaking format. The online portal of IIM common admission test (IIMCAT), 2020 has opened for the registration of aspirants from all across the country. The registration portal was set to open for the aspirants on 5th August 2020. 

From the beginning, there has been a huge issue related to several challenges due to the COVID – 19 pandemics. Until the enrolment procedure ends, the bone of conflict will be this in any event.

Aspirants are facing enormous difficulties as they might be required to go and get a document/declaration/affidavit signed from the concerned authority.

In the wake of the global pandemic, where there are lockdowns all across the country, security and safety are no longer a hypothetical idea any anymore; however, it is now a lifestyle.

Aspirants have been questioning whether the officials or the authorities and the conducting body of CAT 2020 are not concerned about the COVID -19 panic and its widespread?

The officials are not really concerned about the COVID -19 panic. The officials otherwise would not have declared the date of the IIMCAT, 2020 test. 

Are they attempting to reveal to the aspirants that life has returned to normal? Would it be a good idea for the aspirants to get their documents attested by one way or the another, no matter what going around them for months?

No, this case would not be likely to be different from many other people who may be in a similar position like the aspirant of IIMCAT during a global health disaster.

Many other aspirants also require some form of documents authentication or the other to check and verify their economic background, disability status and many more.

“The fact demonstrates that few cities are yet under lockdown. Workforces in several places are working with lesser staff or are temporarily shut down because of COVID – 19 panic”.

Things are not looking to change at any time in the near future. In any case, the D–day is fixed. The officials of the concerned authority have planned to schedule CAT, 2020 on 29th November 2020 without any doubt.

Additionally, the enrolments or registrations of the aspirants are going to end on 16th September 2020. These are the imperatives available for the aspirants. Working with these imperatives for the CAT, 2020 – is simply like a logical reasoning riddle – how will the aspirants get the important documents on schedule?

IIMCAT (2020) undertaking format and CAT 2020 registration procedure

Here are the details of the undertaking format of Indian Institutes of Management Common Admission Test (IIMCAT), 2020 which is followed by the CAT 2020 registration procedure.

Let us state that you need to get your NC-OBC/EWS/SC/ST/PwD authentic certificate during the current year. In these difficult times, not everyone will be able to have an option to get it signed from the concerned authority.

This is where the modified undertaking format has been introduced by the officials of IIMCAT; which might prove useful.

What does the undertaking format of CAT, 2020 states?

The undertaking format of CAT, 2020 which is introduced by the officials of the CAT, is a self-validated affidavit, which permits you to enrol for and take up the CAT 2020 examination.

Under three conditions, aspirants can take up the CAT 2020 examination. Below is the undertaking format which can be accessed from here.

  • In the view of COVID – 19 outbreaks across the country, the candidate is not in a position to get the relevant certificates issued by the competent authority right now.
  • The candidate will create the necessary certificate at the hour of personal interview (whenever shortlisted for the further selection procedure), failing which the IIMS have all the right to drop my candidature.
  • As an exceptional case, this provision is made accessible to the candidates, willing to apply for the common admission test (CAT) 2020.

Does that mean the candidate does not need to present any declaration?

The released undertaking does not simply imply that. Clearly, there is a catch as the undertaking format of CAT 2020 state:

Effectively, you have to have some evidence to validate your case. The only relaxation is that authentication of certificates need not relate to this year at this point in time.

If the aspirant got selected for the further stages of the admission process, he/she need to produce the latest certificates. Till then, nonetheless, the aspirant is spared.

Till then, aspirants should not wait for the last hour preparations for the procedure. Since, there are around 90 days to go for the CAT, 2020 as per planned by the concerned authority. Aspirants need not focus on getting things done and should rather focus on their CAT preparations. 

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