How will Human Resources mould itself to the pandemic?

Is there any sector where there won’t be any layoff?

In today’s tough situation of a coronavirus outbreak, life has completely changed. Everyone and everything is in lockdown and all over the world, offices are closed and the employees are working from home now, where they can enjoy with their kids and pets.

But nobody is sure about when the offices are going to reopen, and how the company leaders are going to guarantee their employees that everyone will be safe and healthy once they get back to their offices.

During such a tough situation people are petrified that they can face the issue of job loss as layoffs could be seen in almost every industry.

After interaction with 12 HR heads of various companies in the US  it is assumed that there will be a different outbreak in work-life.

Marie Wieck is an executive who finished her 36 years at IBM recalls how in 1993 she realized the fact that the internet would change her life endlessly. She drove her career ahead by using ‘aha moment’ which helped her to stand out from her competitors.

Wieck is guiding the company’s efforts around cloud computing, blockchain, and software development. She told us why she learned to see these arrival technologies as her career opportunities and how she wasn’t scared to deal in a sector about which she didn’t know anything.

Stanford, Harvard, and Carnegie Mellon’s B-Schools professors and career advisors gave their suggestions to MBA pass outs for negotiating the competitive post-outbreak job market.

Undoubtedly coronavirus has slowed down employment and it is a very alarming situation, but there are certain industries that may get benefits to their careers. Here’s how advisers from top MBA have suggested their students opt, and how they can reach the point of success.

The recruiting head of PwC opened up what the company’s virtual internship would appear like during this summer. Also how the coming interns can protrude and perch a 6-figure job with the firm.

PwC firm is expanding the full-time proposal to all the interns of the company. Business Insider recently had a conversation with the recruitment head of the firm to talk about how PwC is reviewing the recruitment, and how students can perch a 6-figure spot in the upcoming year.

A founder whose multimillion-dollar lifestyle brand was structured by her smart work talks about the 3 business tips for commencing a new business with no experience. Jen Gotch commenced her multimillion-dollar lifestyle brand by acquiring new skills and key lessons during the pandemic. She told the business insider that sometimes an entrepreneur can say yes for his best and find it out afterwards.

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Source: Business Insider