How To Prepare For NMAT By GMAC 2018

A competitive exam like the NMAT by GMAC examination needs and expects a lot of hard work from its test takers. Walking to the examination without a strategy and without a proper game plan will not end up nice for the candidate. The candidates will need to mix hard work with smart work to get a proper outcome and to pass with good marks in the exam. The aspirant of the NMAT by GMAC gets a list of 26 Indian colleges and some international colleges as well. The candidate needs to choose only five out of this big list of colleges to get admitted into.

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The rest of the article will help the candidate make a proper game plan for the NMAT by GMAC examination.


  • Section sequence


Since the NMAT is a computer based examination, it gives a liberty to choose any section sequence. The candidate should take full advantage of this facility and should choose the section sequence wisely. Solving the strongest section first will help the candidate answer the questions properly and quickly as in the start of the exam the candidate has a fresh mind and is full of energy. Dealing with the hard questions and sections in the last is always wise.


  • Speed and accuracy


The candidate will need to be very quick to answer the questions asked. The candidate is given a specific amount of time when he or she can complete the questions asked. Solving the known and easier questions first will give more time for the hard questions and will also no affect the accuracy of answering the questions. The candidate can always leave the question for review if they are not completely sure about the answer they have answered.


  • Section wise strategy


It’s always wise to handle problems step by step. Hurrying through something will always ruin the situation. The candidates are advised to have a strategy planned for the individual sections and will need to have a smart plan to tackle the weak points of the candidate.


  • Language skills


The language skills of the candidate matter a lot if he or she is trying to give the management exam. The language skill questions are moderate on the difficulty level but it still requires a lot of focus and attention by the candidate. The candidate needs to be quick to answer the questions as they are not very hard and do not require any calculation. The candidate will need to do a lot of reading before the examination that is during the preparation for the examination as the speed of reading of the test taker plays an important role in determining if the candidate will be able to answer all the questions as required. Any misread questions will be a big problem for the candidate.


  • Quantitative skills


The candidate needs to be very quick with their calculations. The candidates are not allowed to carry a calculator in the hall thus mental calculations are recommended. Using the virtual calculator is not advised as it is very slow and will consume a lot of important time of the candidate. The quantitative section is very easy to score in and almost all the candidates are able to perform well in this section. Having a calm mind and a proper focus on the examination will help the candidate solve all the questions from this section very quickly.


  • Logical skills


This section is very time consuming and it has been termed to be very difficult. All the previous candidates and scholars believe that the logical reasoning section is very hard to score any marks in. the candidates will need to solve a lot of mock tests and they will have to practice numerous questions just to get a proper idea of the section. The candidates require a proper idea of all the kinds of questions that are asked in the section. The candidates will be able to solve the questions in the logical skills section easily if they have the proper idea of all the kinds of questions that are asked in the examinations. The candidates can also use reference books to get a wider range of question to practice.

Solving mock tests, having a calm mind are just a few more tips that shall help the candidate clear the NMAT by GMAC examination. To know more about this exam, please click here NMAT 2018.