Selection Process of NMAT 2018

The NMAT by GMAC examination is accepted and participated by many Indian and foreign institutions. About 26 Indian business schools and around 15 international business schools from South Africa and Philippine accept the NMAT score. When so many institutions come as one for their selections the candidate requires going through a few selection processes. Every college has its own individual selection process. The most basic and common selection procedures will be mentioned in the article below. The candidates need to work very hard in the NMAT paper and in the further tests and stages that are performed to find the few worthy management students.

The candidates are required to choose five schools out of all the schools that accept the NMAT by GMAC scores. The candidates will have to submit his or her chosen few colleges at the time of registering for the examination. The applicant will be admitted in to only these colleges that he or she has chosen to send his or her marks to. The candidate can choose the five colleges from the combined list of Indian and international b schools. If the candidate wishes to choose more than five colleges he or she will have to pay a fee or around 120 rupees and only then will the candidate be allowed to choose from any of the numerous colleges provided.  

After the NMAT by GMAC results are out, the candidate will have to check if he or she was able to clear the cut off announced by the colleges they had opted for. The results of the candidate will be directly submitted to the colleges they had chosen while filling the application form. The candidates will have to then see the selection process of that college and will need to go to one of their centers when asked to undergo the next stage of the selection process.

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The selection process of majority of the colleges of NMAT by GMAC is mentioned below and is performed as given.

  1. Written ability test
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Case study
  4. Personal interview

The case study process is an addition and is normally not carried out by management colleges and examination centers. The colleges will get a list of the candidates that had chosen their college and were able to clear the cut off announced by them after the results for the NMAT by GMAC are declared. The results will be disclosed in the third week of January 2019.



  • Written ability test


The written ability test will check the basic knowledge gained by the candidate in the course of time. It will test the candidates’ hold over the English language and will help them decide if the aspirant is worthy enough or prepared enough to be admitted in their reputed college. The aspirant will have to answer a few English questions or he or she will have to write an essay on a particular topic. This tests their quality of written English and the grammar that the aspirant is used to.


  • Group discussion


A bunch of the candidates will be taken in a room and will be given a topic that they will need to discuss about. Usually there is no time given to anybody to think about the topic and their views of it. The candidates will have to speak their views and ideas about that topic with the others and will have to find a solution or at least will need to get the views of every candidate in the room. This process tests the teamwork skills and the leadership qualities that are required in the candidate


  • Case study


The case study is all the technical questions and solutions. The candidates must have solved a few case studies before, this process is very similar to whatever they have learned and done before.


  • Personal interview


The personal interview is a very important process that is taken into consideration by almost all the b schools. The candidate will be asked a few questions about them and a few technical questions as well. The candidate is tested on their communication skills wen in this process. The aspirant needs to impress the interviewers to get a few points in the personal interview section.

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