CAT Interview
CAT Interview

One of the important process to pass through the CAT and admission to IIM is giving PI flawless. MBA aspirants are invited for the PI after the CAT exam is completed and the result is out. The authority, to check the overall personality of the student and analyse if the student is fit to offer the admission conducts the interview.

When it comes to the admission for MBA and passing through the admission process, communication is important. It is considered as the basic skill to confidently fit into the management post in any company. MBA interviewers keenly notice every answer and other aspects giving weightage to the skill.

If you are appearing for the interview first time and keen on seeking admission for the MBA course, then focus on communication skill is very important. Let us check some essential tips you must follow to improve the communication skills-

  • Develop the Habit of Reading-

One of the key skills to improve the communication skill is to create the habit of reading. The more you read, the more you get exposure to the knowledge. Moreover, you have the ability to express ideas and opinion in a clear way. Check for novels, newspapers, journals, etc. If you are alone, read them aloud.

  • Work on your Vocabulary-

Vocabulary is the most important aspect of good communication skill. If you are good in vocabulary, you are able to express your ideas well. During the MBA interview, you will be asked question from any industry, the knowledge you hold and vocab, along with the tone matter the most. However, do not overuse high English or ambiguous words during communication.

  • Be a Good Listener-

Another essential aspect to be an affective communicator is to be a good listener. Communication is not only about speaking, but listening too. Once you listen to the person, you can express your thoughts skilfully. Be calm and listen patiently so you can frame your answer effectively and impress interviewers.

  • Having Clear Thoughts-

The main aim of undertaking the MBA interview is to check how clear the thoughts of aspirants are. This skill is essential when handling big management level projects of the company. Therefore, students with clear thoughts about their ideas are given preference. Be confident and speak clear about your ideas when presenting the same to interviewers. This can help them to stay engaged during the conversation.

  • Keep Practicing

Good communication skill cannot be achieved overnight, but with regular practice. It is important to keep practicing and learn new words to frame them in sentences. Communicate with people and share ideas. The more you communicate, the more you are confident to pass through MBA interviews. Undergo the mock interview session with professional communication skill trainers.

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Bottom Line-

For MBA aspirants seeking admission in IIMs or any B-School interview is the most important ladder. So having a crisp communication skill matters the most, not only for MBA interview purpose, but also for further career stags in the life.

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