Every exam needs planning, a planning should lead to preparation, a proper preparation will lead to success, here in this column we can discuss about the way of approaching the MICAT 2018 examination and we share some common tips here. You need to follow some out of the box tips for doing that, you can always use the most common tips and here we are provided with the same.

MICAT exam is one of the most important examinations for the students who want to pursue PGDM in communication and taste success in the line of then management too. The selection process has three phases, and each is different from each other. Following are the tips below to excel in the MICAT exam 2019 and the initial MICAT psychometric test.

Exam preparation:

MICAT exam becomes easy if you are on track preparing for CAT and IIFT. There is a descriptive test at the start for the MICAT test based on your skills of essay writing. And psychometric test. Do concentrate more on this and give lots of attention.

Writing process:

There is a section in question paper for establishing your creative side and imagination. In case if you are not that good at writing, start practicing it, this is the most important process too. Do not neglect, you can gain easy marks if you are able to pull this off well. You can refer newspapers, magazine, fiction and get yourself trained with a good choice of words.

Way of approach needed:

Answer all questions:

Never leave a question even if you are not able to find right answers, this is the universal rule for every exam since our childhood and same applies in MICAT also.

Answer quickly:

Don’t wait for the exact answer to stick your mind, just go on with the flow by giving any related answers.

Managing time will be another important thing to do. Manage time well and set up question paper for an on-time finish.

Other few important tips to approach MICAT:

As mentioned above, managing time is very important. For doing it, always start with short questions and finish it quickly. Verbal sections will have 25 questions with the time of 30 minutes for it. Attempting 22 questions is essential to boost your scores.

In the end, go for the comprehension and passages but make sure you will be having enough time to do it.

Tips for approaching quantitative ability test:

Attending the easy and the question you know very well will be the key to scoring and managing the time. It will also make sure that you attend all the questions.

In case if it is not possible to attend all questions, make sure you at-least attend the minimum number questions.

Negative marking is a process that should be in your mind always. 0.25 is a negative mark status for one wrong answer. Calculate your approach to answer according to that.

Approach to general awareness:

Read all the questions well but make sure that you don’t waste time also. Balancing everything well will be another key to success in the examination.

Tips to approach descriptive test:

Write in the style of brief points; use the color pens in a legible manner. While writing be confident and stick to your opinion and argument which will give your paper a bold look and chances of scoring goes up.

Flow of content is very important and make sure your content does not go in struggling manner. Keep it neat and straight which will give a person a good impression when they correct your paper.

Improving communication will be another key as it will be reflected positively in your answer paper. In your preparation days, given ample amount of time for communication practice. At least practice one hour daily for the flow.


Follow these tips and you will succeed at the higher level of all examinations, the most important tip from us to maintain calmness even when you feel like you are remembering some answers. A good calmness can bring back the lost answers Practice and you will get anything you want. Keep writing and you will be coming out with flying colors. All the very best to everyone who would be attending MICAT 2019.

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