How are placements at the KJ Somaiya Institute of Management MBA programme?

The Somaiya Institute of Management and Research was established in the year 1981 and since then it has rapidly become a game changer in the field of business management schools in India, being consistently ranked among the top and churning our professionals year after year.

Over the decades that it has been in operation, it has received several noteworthy awards and accolades for its brilliance. Some of the very recent ones are:

  • Given the 11th Rank in the list of privately owned business schools in India in 2019 by Education World
  • Received the award of the ‘Super League 2 B-School’ in the years 2015,2016,2017 and 2018 by the Business Standard
  • Bureau Veritas has bestowed the certification of ISO 9001:2015 upon the institute
  • K.J Somaiya Institute of Management has become the first privately owned institute to be given a status of autonomy for its programs affiliated with the University of Mumbai
  • K.J Somaiya Institute of Management Mumbai has been a member of AACSB and has been actively seeking to get the highly sought after accreditation that they provide

The driving force behind this institute’s ever increasing success and its rapid growth towards the top is the placements it provides. The placements that the institute offers to its students on campus has seen a consistently exponential rise in both their quantity and quality. Adding to this, K.J Somaiya Institute of Management is located in the city of Mumbai which is touted by many as the Business Capital of India. This combination of its placements and its location is enough to make the institute a world beater when it comes to placements.

For a business school to have such amazing placements and to have it year after year, it has to be doing something that other business schools don’t do. The journey often contains the truth that the end just does not reflect. For a placement powerhouse like K.J Somaiya Institute of Management, this secret lies not in its academic curriculum, but everything else it does beyond it.

As an institute, K.J Somaiya Institute of Management is everything that a student desired. It is extremely student driven where the students are encouraged to work alongside the faculty in various areas of administration like the placements, the admissions, public relations of the institute, and even analytics and consultancy among others. These experiences help then gain crucial experience in the field and helps them to increase their skills in both leadership and technicalities, providing a holistic development.

Apart from the experience that the students have a chance of gaining inside the institute, K.J Somaiya Institute of Management has worked very well on its international relations. There are various international affiliations that the college offers to its students along with programmes like International Immersion Programmes.

These programmes are aimed at maximizing the learning that a student can gain only throught experiments, experience, and research; which often fall beyond what just a single university offers.

These are the major reasons why the students of K.J Somaiya Institute of Management Mumbai have an edge over others when it comes to placements which is well reflected in the institute’s record of near 100 placements each year.

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  1. @Anuj_953478
    Very poor. All stream are made to appeared in one company's test irrespective of students stream. Placement committee members are given preference.
    January 2021