Home away from Home | IMS Ghaziabad

It all started with the thought of being a management graduate. We all know the country has so many b-schools to offer and all these options become a pool of confusion and same happened with me, along with confusion the pressure was mounting everyday to finalise the last step of the education.
Reviewing so many colleges simultaneously I was recommended IMS Ghaziabad by a friend. I had almost sucummed to the thought of a wrong decision when I 1st called IMS Ghaziabad to know about the GD/PI dates and that  call made me admant on my decision to explore this option. I prepared very well for the GD PI process and got selected for IMS Ghaziabad.
The procedures completed  and IMS  became my 1st ever step away from home. Being unsure of what lay ahead  I came to IMS and it was the best decision I had ever taken. The environment and cozy atmosphere one could have on the very 1st day was unbeleivable. Students welcomed each other with open hearts and friendliness. The 1st day never was very  easy for  the new comers becuase everyone was equally beaming with excitement to have me there.
The curicullum, the faculty, the routine nothing became a issue as any one could easily blend to whatever was available without any hazzle. With the time passing, everyday is still new and refreshing as it was on very 1st day. IMS provides everyone with new opportunities to explore, groom and nourish themselves in all spheres of life.
Life goes on at a very fast pace and IMS Ghaziabad gives the exposure similar to corporate life which lays ahead. IMS has helped me groom in every phase. It helped me instill my confidence, polish my soft skill and brighten my future with the amazing course that is industry- oriented.
– Raksha Trivedi (2019-2021)