Getting into Aditya Birla Group | WeSchool

Getting the role of Deputy Manager at Aditya Birla Capital didn’t come easy, it needed a lot of preparation. The selection process was tough but fairly simple. There was a group discussion first followed by a Psychometric test and personal interview round landed me the opportunity that marked the beginning to my journey to Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance.

The group discussion was based on the current scenario of cashless economy in India. People were asked to discuss the pros and cons of the digital system and its evolution. Each group was given 10 mins to discuss and 2 minutes to summarize. But according to me, the fact that I had managed to make valid points as opposed to talking extensively, worked in my favor. The entire personal interview was based on my CV, save a few questions that were based on the discussions that I had with my panel. The interview panel consisted of 1 HR Manager and a Vice president of Group Insurance department. They asked a fair mix of HR questions, Sales situation based questions, and hypothetical scenarios. The interviewers kept on questioning in a rapid-fire manner without giving much time to think or gather my thoughts. However, I was able to answer the questions satisfactorily.

According to me, the first step to crack any interview is to make a good CV. This involves going through multiple iterations of the CV. Also, it is important to get it reviewed by peers from College and Industry. For group discussions, the best way to practice is by attending mock GDs. Besides, going through various topics that have been asked in other companies and noting down points for
the same, also helps.
While preparing for the personal interview, I focused on a few segments:

  • HR and personal questions
  • Work experience
  • Projects and core subjects
  • Internship
  • Extra-curricular and hobbies

I prepared each section in detail according to the resume. And I think these topics cover all the areas that the interviewers can ask questions on, during the interview.

The 2 years at WeSchool were a roller coaster of emotions laden with knowledge, learning and personal growth. I strongly feel that one cannot prepare for an interview without doing justice to the 2 years of MBA. Participating in competitions, attending grooming sessions, consulting peers are some of the ways in which one has to start preparing for the interview on Day 0 of the MBA. Your 2 years are all leading up to the few minutes of the interview panel. Sincerity, honesty, and integrity through the 2 years are what will bag that journey to Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance (your dream job) that will enable you to hold your head high!

Dhruv Patel,
PGDM Retail Management,2018-20,