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    IIM Trichy

    I liked the interview.  Interviewers were very friendly and jovial. As you’ll see I answered less than half that too many were incorrect. But somehow I feel okay. Any feedback is welcome.

    I: Hi how’re you?

    M: I’m fine sir.

    I: Tell me about yourself.

    M: Tells about school, college, achievements (cut in between)

    I: You say you’re in the radio club? What did you do?

    M: Organised shows, spoke about college issues like mess food, hostels etc and also played songs.

    I: So you were like the leader of Protestants in college? *laughs

    M: No sir*laughs

    I: Gives a time vs distance graph asks to explain (difficult)

    M: don’t know sir. I (among themselves): See our education system such good marks doesn’t know this. *laughs

    I: define limit and right hand left hand limit. Writes some complex equation. Explain.

    M: don’t know sir. I (among themselves): See our education system such good marks doesn’t know this. *laughs

    I: why not metallurgy, why MBA?

    M: More responsibilities, challenges compared to core jobs. etc etc. Core jobs only in plants not in cities

    I: But Ranchi, Udaipur, Kashipur not big cities.

    M: Sir it’s better to study 2 years in a small town than to work 30 years in a plant

    I: Names 20 people in high posts without MBA. How do you explain this?

    M: Sir they are extraordinary exceptions. MBA is irreplaceable. Even now when an investor invests in a company they count the no. of IIM employees.

    I; But to your gen MBA is a joke. Explain.

    M: Sir I still feel MBA is a very prestigious degree and cannot be done away with.

    I: What is integration?

    M: Area under curve I: *draws a curve, integrate

    M: integration of f(x) dx

    I: what is f(x)

    M: function of x.

    I: what is a function?

    M: there are many types of functions. Even addition, multiplication…

    I: hahahahahahhahahahahahah ADDITION????!!! Okay leave it

    I: Name a country with more than one capital

    M: Australia?

    I: what?

    M: would like to change my answer to South Africa

    I: So South Africa is the capital of Australia hahahahhahahahah??

    M: No sir the answer to the prev question is South Africa

    I: You said you like football. Which team does Martin Luther King Play for?

    M: Sir Martin luther King was an American politician led the movement for rights of black people.

    I: Do you know Nelson Mandela

    M: yes sir he was the president of South Africa

    I: what is he known as?

    M: south African Gandhi?

    I: Name some other people known as “gandhi”

    M: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (frontier Gandhi)

    I: and?

    M; jokingly* Rahul Gandhi

    I: ahhahahahahahahhahahahahhhahahah

    I: how is he related to Mahatma?

    M: don’t know sir

    I: What else do you like?

    M: I like football and cooking

    I: you like cocaine? What? hahahahahhahahahaha

    M: sir cooking

    I: so do you know a song called cocaine? Who sang it?

    M: Eric Clapton

    I: So what do you cook?

    M: Chinese and Indian. I also make good Hyderabadi Biryani.

    I: what is the capital of Cambodia?

    M: Laos?

    I: so you mean to say the capital of a country is another country? Hahahahahahahha

    M; I don’t know sir

    I: So do you want to be a leader or a manager?

    M: Manager

    I: why not leader?

    M: Sir I feel leadership is innate.

    I: So you don’t have leadership skills? Hahahahhahahahaha

    M: Sir I do, but I’ll be a bad leader. But with the right guidance I can be a great manager.

    I: what is the full form of B.tech

    M; Bachelor in technology

    I:is  it not bachelor of technology?

    M: I don’t know sir

    I: so you’re not a bachelor “of” technology? Hahahahahahhahahah

    I: checks certis. (Didn’t have a certi had a bronze medal :P)

    I: why bronze?

    M: because I came third sir.

    Everyone laughs

    I: what is there in bronze?

    M; Copper and zinc?

    I: is it not tin? M: im not sure sir.

    I: Why bronze and not brass?

    M: bronze is more corrosion resistant has better machinability etc etc.

    I: what is at no, of Copper?

    M; Sir I don’t know mol wt is 63.5

    I: Atomic number?

    M: I don’t k now sir

    I: What is the symbol of tin?

    M: Sn

    I; Full form?

    M: Stannum

    I: why tin is stannum?

    M: It’s the Latin name

    Now the best part-duration 5 mins: P

    I: So leaders and terrorists. They’re the same na? So tell me are leaders terrorists or terrorists leaders?

    M; sir its very subjective

    I: NO no, look at Bin Laden excellent manager he’s a terrorist na? ? So tell me are leaders terrorists or terrorists leaders?

    M: sir it’s just one example cannot be generalised

    I: no todays company ka managers they send goons and all .. ? So tell me are leaders terrorists or terrorists leaders?

    M: Sir there are terrorists, there are leaders in between there’s an intersection

    I: draws a venn diagram of leaders and terrorists. What is this called?

    M: Venn diagram

    I: pointing to intersection of Leaders and Terrorists. You mean to say this?

    M: Yes sir

    I: what is this?

    M: L intersection T

    I: okay that’ll be all. You may go. Thank you

    M: Thanks each one individually. Leaves.

    What do you guys think?

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