GD/PI | Ever Heard of LAL, BAL, PAL?

Aao sunau tumhe ek dukhbhari kahani… !

Note -My Gk is absolute zero, try not to judge me on the basis of that.

Kahani ka naam – “CAP WAT/PI experience 1st March forenoon shift, Delhi”

WAT topic – ‘Despite Bollywood movies being women centric, do you think the role of women has changed in society?’

Decent WAT, not above average though.

Ab aati h PI ki baari. I was last in my group. Panel of 2 males.


P1-Gm, how are you feeling?

Me-Fine, sir.

P1- I am asking you this because you are last in your panel. How do you feel about that?

Me- I have a neutral perspective regarding the same. I don’t think being the last one matters.

P1- So you must have gained a lot of knowledge sitting outside, asking your fellow members about what we are asking in the interview.

Me-I was curious and hence I did ask. But I believe that questions vary from person to person due to varying profiles, so these are of no help.

P2 takes the complete folder from my hand

Ab kahaani mazedaar banegi…

P1- Looks at my residential address and asks… Shastri nagar…who is this ‘Shastri’?

Me- Don’t know sir

P1- I will help you. He is so famous and have so many colonies named after him… Let me give you a hint. Ever heard of LAL , BAL, PAL? Try to make out the names.

Me-Lal bahadur Shastri, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, ……

P1- Try the third one too…try to remember.

Me-Sorry sir, not able to.

P2- LAL is not Lala Lajpat Rai?? Are you sure?

P1-So, ok. Tell me the names of people who were hanged along with Bhagat Singh?

Me-Not able to recall, but know that Chandrashekar Azad committed suicide.

P1-When? Before or after Bhagat Singh’s execution?

Me- before

P1-what was his real name?

M- Don’t know

P2- So you did internships at various places. Tell me about them

M- Told. (One was carried out at solid state physics lab, Delhi)

P2- Name few famous personalities in Solid state physics.

M- Sir, my background was nanotech, so don’t know.

P2- What’s diff between order and degree?

M- told

P1 & p2 both laughed at me saying you are saying degree is order and order is degree!

P2- What is this brain mapping techniques? (Subject tha)

M- Gave a few examples like ct, mri etc.

P2- What is fuzzy logic in artificial intelligence? (Subject tha)

M- Don’t know. But I know the monkey banana prob. Told them about it.

P2- Your extra curricular?

M- Football

P1- asked 2 or 3 ques which I answered correctly.

P1- where is Cristiano Ronaldo from? Relation to India?

M- Portugal. He had an alleged affair with Bipasha Basu. !

P1 & p2 laugh hard.

P1- I was asking about Portugal and India connection

M- They ruled a part of India (Goa) in the past.

P1- So, what was the policy by which the Goa people got Indian citizenship after Portuguese left?

M- No idea sir.

P1- Ok. Tell me a current affair topic, I will ask you ques on that.

M – No preference as such. Have the basic idea of all ongoing events

P1- Name one.

M-Infosys saga told

P1-Name of Narayan Murthys son?

M- Don’t know

P1- Who wrote the Rashtrageet of India?

M- Rabindranath Tagore ( I know wrong h)

P1 and P2 grilled me on this. Explained the diff between Rashtrageet and Rashtragaan.

P1- You have such low acads. Calls kaise aa gye tumko new IIMs se?  ‘Category k ho kya?’

M- Sir, min. 60 is required. Utna mera h. General category h meri.

P1- Preference of new IIMs? Other calls?


P1- FMS se call kaise aa gya. Shocking. Kya join kroge fir FMS ya new IIM?

M- FMS acads based call nhi krte. In all honesty, first priority fMS and then IIM Ranchi.

P1-Ok. Thanks. You may go.

To conclude, humaari acche se maar li gayi aaj. Jaatey jaatey bhi humko mock kiya gaya. Definitely stress interview tha. Ab new IIMs se officialy naata bhi toot gaya. MDI and FMS k liye bahut hee shandaar morale breaker tha ye. Shayad hee convert ho paaye koi B school is baar.

All the best to everyone else.!