GD/PI | In Castor Oil, What Is Commodity Derivative?

MDI Gurgaon

I got my VAT percentile 94.76%

VA- 93.5%

LRDI- 77.9%


WAT: Jallikattu- should the ban continue?

GD : Average GD. everybody was in the favour. Not much of a discussion.


Two panelists

P1: how are you Chetan?

M: fine sir.

P1: so how many questions did you ask from your predecessors, the ones who came in before you?

M: none sir.

P1: why? Are you scared?

M: No sir. I am not scared. I just don’t discuss because every individual has his own personality and every individual gives the answer according to their own perception. So no point in asking, when I have to face it all by myself.

P1: from which part of India do you belong?

M: north India sir.

P1: can you tell me how many states are there in North-east?

M: 7. known as 7 sisters.

P1: name them. I asked you two questions. Number of states and name. Don’t worry, I’ll help you out.

M : names 4. He names 4.

P1: so which of these is not the part of 7 sisters?

M: Sikkim

P1: good. It’s simple. So what is your work ex?

M : 7 months including January.

P1: where are you now?

M: I am currently based as a GET in Bundi under the rotational program of Adani.

P1: tell me more.

M: sir, Adani has a 9 month rotational program in which I am relocated to new place after every 3 months. At first I was sent as a GET to Meda Adraj, in Ahmedabad, then after three months, to Mangalore and now in Bundi, Rajasthan.

P1: what is the difference in each three?

M: yes sir, i was coming to that, in Meda Adraj I learnt about the non-edible section of the oil business which mainly dealt with castor oil. In Mangalore, I looked after and learnt about the edible oil i.e. palm oil and sun flower oil. And in Bundi I am looking after electrical maintenance as it my core.

P1: so in castor oil, what is commodity derivative?

M: sir except the oil, the portion that is remained, is a good fertilizer. It is called DOC. it is of two types. Normal and high proi. It is used as per the yields required.

P2: what is the full form of DOC?

M: it has no scientific name. Just de-oiled cake.

P1: what do you understand by commodity derivative?

M: according to me, it must be something that is produced apart from the main product of the company.

P1: no, that’s not right. You have 4 years of experience, don’t you? (Looking at my profile)

M: no sir. Only 7 months.

P1: ohh then you won’t be able to answer it. So your background is electrical?

M: yes sir.

P1: I have this thing messed up in my mind. When I go to buy an appliance like AC. Should I say electrical gadget or electronics?

M: sir I’ll start with the definition. Anything that uses electrical components like resistors, capacitors, etc are electrical gadgets and those which use sensors, PLCs, diodes are electronics.

P1: I know this thing. How can I distinguish between the two? What is AC or a fan?

M: sir fan is an electrical device. It runs on a single phase induction motor with capacitive start. AC is a combination of both. The power that it consumes comes from distribution transformer that is electrical and sensors and switches involved in it are electronics.

P1: But what is the difference?

M: sir electronics deal with power of very less voltage like 5 volts and sometimes millivolts. Electrical deals with very high power.

P1: okay agreed. One is power other is?

M: sir sensors, made out of fast switching circuits since they use less power like thyristors and all.

P1: see you are limiting yourself to one gadget. In fan also, if I change the regulator number, the speed will change, just like I press button to change the temperature in AC. there must some intelligence to it.

M: no sir, there are no sensors.

P1 (cutting in between): arre leave it. This can go on and on. You gave me one point. I am not convinced on further.

P1: how many states are there in India?

M: 30

P1: which is the latest one?

M: Telangana

P1: what is its capital?

M: I am confused sir. I don’t know.

P1: Hyderabad

M: sir I was confused that’s why I didn’t say anything.

P1 (to P2): you want to ask anything?

P2: ever heard of Amravati?

M: no sir.

P2: what will you do after going out?

M: I’ll check about Amravati.

P1: you are interested in HR too. Why not IM

M: sir I am not eligible. It requires 2 years work ex.

P1: okay. Great. Have a nice day.

M: may I leave now?

P2: yes you may. Have a nice day

M: thank you sir. You too have a nice day sirs.

This is how my PI went. About 10-15mins. How was the PI. What are my chances?