Success may have many contributing factors, but it is one’s determination and hard work that truly deserves the primary credit. In the case of Lovely Chopra, his unwavering determination and eagerness to push beyond boundaries played a significant role in securing his internship at Dabur and ultimately landing a coveted placement in the consulting realm with McKinsey and Co. Discover how Lovely’s relentless drive and willingness to go the extra mile led him to his well-deserved success in the corporate world.

The transition from graduation to the corporate world is a critical phase in one’s professional journey. Lovely Chopra, a student from IIM Calcutta, shares with PaGaLGuY his transformative experience during his summer internship at Dabur and sheds light on the broader context of professional MBA education. Through his narrative, Lovely highlights the significance of internships in shaping a successful corporate career.

Finding the Path:

Lovely Chopra faced a pivotal decision after completing high school – whether to enter the job market immediately or pursue an MBA. With an above-average CAT percentile, he secured admission offers from two esteemed B-Schools. Eventually, he chose IIM Calcutta to complete his degree before gaining work experience.

The Internship Opportunity:

During the summer internship placements, Lovely Chopra received an offer from Dabur in the sales and marketing vertical. While he also secured a pre-placement offer from Dabur, his curiosity led him to explore the world of consulting. Consequently, he participated in further placements and secured a final placement at McKinsey and Co., where he would soon embark on his career.

This is what Lovely had to say about his internship experience at Dabur India Ltd.

Dabur served as my gateway to the professional realm, providing me with a first-hand experience of the corporate world. I found myself relocated to Bhubaneshwar, an unfamiliar environment, unlike the tier-1 cities where many of my peers were placed. This initial challenge became a valuable lesson, teaching me the art of adaptability. Additionally, my foray into the FMCG industry was a thrilling and entirely novel experience. Working without a physical office in Bhubaneshwar, I operated mostly from home or directly in the market, interacting with customers and gaining invaluable insights into their purchasing behaviour. It became evident that the success of any business hinges on understanding the consumers’ needs and striking a delicate balance between product adaptation and delivering exceptional value.

As a fresher without prior work experience or remarkable academic achievements, I initially felt overwhelmed during the interview process. Witnessing my classmates’ diverse profiles and extensive industry knowledge, I faced the daunting task of selecting my desired domain. However, I am immensely grateful to IIM Calcutta’s placement cell, which provided comprehensive training across various domains, allowing me to gain in-depth insights despite my initial lack of familiarity. Their dedicated interview preparation team equipped me with the necessary skills to excel during interviews.

The interview days proved to be mentally taxing, with multiple interviews clustered together. Each student strived to secure the best placement opportunity, intensifying the pressure to perform exceptionally in each successive interview. The allure of coveted positions in consulting and finance added to the mental strain. However, I realised the importance of self-reflection, aligning personal preferences and aptitudes with the job selection process. Rather than blindly pursuing the most sought-after roles, I understood the significance of choosing a career path that resonated with my strengths and passions, ensuring a more fulfilling and successful journey. Furthermore, obtaining a pre-placement offer from the summer internship alleviated considerable pressure during the second year of my MBA program, enabling me to approach future placements with focus and confidence. 

Reflecting on my summer internship at Dabur, I can confidently say that it had a profound impact on my professional development. The experience not only sharpened my skills and deepened my knowledge of the corporate landscape but also provided valuable self-reflection and clarity about my career aspirations as a young MBA graduate. Although I received a pre-placement offer from Dabur, I made the decision to forego that opportunity and fully commit to the placement process because I had come to realize that consulting was the path I truly wanted to pursue.

Lovely Chopra‘s journey exemplifies the impact of internships in the world of MBA education. Through his summer internship at Dabur, he gained practical exposure, acquired industry-specific knowledge, and discovered his strengths and preferences. The narrative style employed throughout this article offers our readers a compelling and engaging story while imparting valuable information about the world of MBA and the factors contributing to a successful corporate career.

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