EY Announces for free MBA Program for its Employees

EY, a company headquartered in the United Kingdom, has announced to provide all of its employees regardless of the tenure or what position they hold in the company, a free MBA program.

EY has announced that all its employees across the globe will be able to pursue an EY Tech MBA free of cost. They offer this degree in collaboration with the Hult International Business School in the United States of America, and this MBA would be a virtual one.

This is considered to be one of its kind initiatives, because no other company has thought of anything such before, of providing free Tech MBA degrees to their employees irrespective of their position in the company.

Generally, companies either partially or fully fund the educational programs taken up by their employees. But this is for those employees only who is of some great value to the company and will be of more value after the employee completes the course

What is different about the free MBA course offered by EY Global Limited?

Many other companies in the past have offered such programs, but firstly they offer it only to their key employees and not to all, where EY Global Limited is offering a free course to all its employees irrespective of their tenure and position.

Secondly, companies generally used to fund the expenses of any educational program on a partial basis, and here again, EY Global Limited made its mark by giving complete funding for the MBA course.

Thirdly before if any company used to offer a free MBA course to its employees, it used to be completely on the terms of the company, which stream and speciality do he or she can choose from, and hence there was no flexibility in the choice of subjects.

But what EY Global Limited did is that they have allowed the employee to choose and frame their curriculum plan from a very broad range of subject areas, right from Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain & Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to even subjects of Employee wellbeing, diversity and inclusion and other sustainable business practices.

“The EY Tech MBA with Hult, is more future-focused than most MBAs with a flexible curriculum, from leadership skills to the latest emerging and disruptive technologies.

This offers all EY people the opportunity to develop both the technical skillsets and business mindsets they will need to continue to provide exceptional client service and thrive in tomorrow’s workplace,” stated Sandeep Kohli, the Partner and Talent Leader at EY Global Limited.

All candidates who will be taking up the degree will earn it on a combinational basis of 16 EY Badges spanning the three pillars or parts that includes Technology, Leadership, and lastly Business.

All this would be followed by the completion of three pillar insight papers and a final project to be submitted. After going through and completing all this, the employee will earn the Tech MBA degree.

In general, an MBA program costs somewhere between eight lakhs to 25 lakhs per annum in India itself, depending upon the nature of the program opted for, institute, and the course structure. When it comes to MBA internationally, it would cost somewhere around thirty lakhs per annum.

EY Global Limited according to its 2019 Global Review, employs around 284,018 people across 150 countries, and they are offering free Tech MBA Course to all of them with the sole purpose of building technical skills in the employees.

Hult International Business School is a private business school with its campuses in Dubai, Cambridge, New York, San Francisco, London, and Shanghai.

A One-year Tech MBA degree in the London campus of Hult International Business School would cost 54,600 pounds, which is 51.2 lakhs approximately and USD 76,200, which is around 57.1 lakhs for the year 2020-21.                                                   

What is EY Company and what it does?

Ernst & Young Global Limited or EY Global Limited is a multinational professional services network that has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. EY Global Limited along with the big names, Deloitte, KPMG, Price Waterhouse Coopers are considered to be the big four accounting firms.

EY Global Limited is an organization that is dedicated to providing companies and industries with assistance in solving their toughest challenge. They deal with start-ups to multinational companies of varied nature.

They offer four different service lines that include Assurance, Consulting, Strategy and Transactions, and last but not the least Tax. By use of all the above-said services EY Global help, it is clients with capitalizing on the transformative opportunities.

EY Global Limited helps it is clients to fulfil all the necessary regulatory requirements, and they keep investors informed & meet the needs of all of their stakeholders.

EY Global Limited has structured itself into executives and regions. They have around 28 regions which they have grouped into three geographic areas: Americas; Europe, Middle East, India, Africa (EMEIA); and Asia-Pacific.

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