JEE Mains 2020 and JEE Advanced 2020 being some of the most talked-about entrance exams were also conducted after being postponed for several months. Students were allowed to make only attempts in the JEE Advanced Exam.

However, in a recent update, aspirants aiming for a seat in the notable IITs have been allowed one extra attempt for JEE Advanced 2020 .

The decision has been made considering the prevalent situation and the efforts made by the student bodies who faced several hurdles during the lockdown period.

The third attempt for JEE Advanced 2020 will be valid for only those students who have registered for the second attempt but failed to appear for the paper or performed poorly. Therefore, hundreds of students have got a one-time golden opportunity to land in one of the best institutions in the country.

Important updates for JEE Advanced 2020

The third attempt for JEE Advanced 2020 has been made available for students who have exhausted both of their prior attempts this year. The decision has not been approved but will be a key agenda in the meeting scheduled by the Joint Admission Board (JAB).

JAB is the decision-making body for JEE Advanced. As per Professor V Ramgopal Rao, the issue will be a major part of the JAB agenda. The continuous efforts of several students and individuals are likely to get fruitful.

The attempts for JEE Main have significantly increased over the past few years. The change in JEE Mains model also brought to the students, allowing them to write the JEE Mains paper for three consecutive years.

The authorities now offer two chances at passing the test each year- one in January and another in April.

However, after qualifying the JEE Mains entrance tests, students are provided with only two chances to appear for the JEE Advanced test. Many of the students have complained of this; however, no significant step was taken until the breakdown of the virus.

Pandemic is the reason behind the problems

Several students complained to the JEE Advance conducting body about the challenges faced by them during the lockdown. Students also complained about inadequate preparation due to the sudden closure of coaching centres and sporadic availability of learning material.

A letter highlighting the challenges and complaints of students was addressed to Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’.

The letter requested the ministry to look into the matter and increase the number of attempts for the JEE Advanced 2020. The letter highlighting the issues of the students was written by advocate Alakh Alok Srivastava.

The letter also stated how it was unjust that after qualifying JEE Mains, students were not allowed to give JEE Advanced because they have exhausted their attempts. This has been stated unfairly for students coming from rural and unprivileged sectors of the country.

The letter prompted the IIT Delhi Director to reply to the students through his social media handle, assuring them that their concerns have been taken into consideration. The final decision, however, is in the hands of the Joint Admission Board (JAB).

IIT Kharagpur will be conducted JEE Advanced in 2021, and all directors of IIT are a member of JAB among others. IIT Delhi Director further added that the decision to increase the number of JEE Advanced 2021 attempts would only be taken after JEE Advanced 2020 has been conducted.

IIT Delhi was the organising body for JEE Advanced 2020. After the completion of the test, the responsibility will be officially handed over to authorities of IIT Kharagpur. Rao further added that the first JAB meeting regarding JEE Advanced 2021 would surely bring up this discussion to light.

The matter will be discussed with all the member of JAB, and an appropriate solution will be provided as soon as possible. Once the decision has been made, the students who have exhausted both of their prior attempts will be allowed to sit for JEE Advanced for the final time.

The overall progress of the matter has been significant, and students have been looking up to a positive response from the authorities.

The pandemic devoid the underprivilege and unfortunate students from giving the test due to unforeseen reasons.

However, this move would help them in achieving their dreams. For more updates, the students are advised to keep a tab on the news headings and official updates for the same.

The sudden widespread of the coronavirus brought several challenges to the citizens of the country. Apart from the risk of infection, the pandemic pushed the citizens to remain locked inside the four walls of their home, completely untouched by the outside world.

Students and young professionals who were looking forward to the college admission season were also advised to remain at home.

The postponement and cancellation of national-level and state entrance test also brought massive difficulties. However, after the lockdown relaxation, students were successful in giving all the entrance tests they registered for.

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