‘An Investment in yourself to grow is worth everything’, says an upGrad MBA learner who achieved the desired career ROI

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be overwhelming to try and keep up with the constantly evolving skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your career. Degrees alone are no longer enough to stand out in the job market; practical skills and experience are just as important. But with so many changes and innovations occurring all the time, it can be hard to know how to stay ahead of the curve; it all comes down to a brink where you’re stuck with, ‘How do I keep up?’

Many of us can relate to the struggle of wanting to further our education and advance our careers but feeling tied to our current jobs for financial stability. Even after completing an undergraduate degree and choosing to work in a corporate setting, the desire to pursue a postgraduate degree may arise. However, quitting your financial independence, which has become a necessity, can be difficult. Shally Gulshan Sharma, a member of our community, also faced a similar situation but was able to resolve it by enrolling in an online MBA program.

Today we have a host of offline MBA courses, but the larger question remains: will these courses solve for the working class, who cannot bear the opportunity cost? This is Shally’s perspective on the matter:

“After working in the corporate world for over six years, I wanted to pursue an MBA degree to enhance my skills without quitting my current job. As a JAVA developer with a passion for leadership, I saw the opportunity to combine my technical and managerial skills in a new role. However, juggling a full-time job, being an author, and being a mother made it difficult to attend a traditional full-time MBA program. 

Unfortunately, Shally fell prey to an organisational restructuring when a leading MNC laid off mid-senior talents during early 2020 owing to its higher operating expenses. But she didn’t pause and used her demotivation as a catapult for fast-forwarding her career trajectory.

That’s where upGrad’s online MBA program in partnership with Liverpool Business School (LBS), came in. It offered me accessible, industry-ready education and 360-degree career support to help me meet my career goals. The online program was not just a collection of content but included interactive learning elements, group discussions and Bootcamps that prepared me for the job market. Even after completing the program, I was able to connect with my peers through various career development services and offline meetups, which is a bonus when you try and network with like-minded peers or industry leaders.

Let’s also understand how technology has redefined online learning. Market leaders like upGrad are leading the segment with their breakthrough learning innovations like job fairs, offline placement bootcamps and networking sessions, etc., which has made online MBA a lot more than a recorded curriculum.

It’s engaging, interactive and immersive.

upGrad’s online MBA program was an appealing choice for me due to its convenience and accessibility, which later resulted in a 100% career ROI. The dual certification course provided a high-quality curriculum from reputable institutes, such as IMT Ghaziabad and Liverpool Business School, which was recognised in the job market as a valuable source of upskilling. Throughout the two years of my online MBA program, upGrad mentors provided me with academic and non-academic support to help me cope with the curriculum and maintain a work-life balance.”

Deciding on the right degree or course to advance your career can be daunting. But with upGrad, you also get personalised counselling and 1:1 mentorship with industry experts – who have seen the evolution inside out to help you understand your goals and identify the options that will best help you bridge the gap between where you are vs where you want to be.

Investing in your own growth and development can be difficult, especially when it involves financial or time commitments. However, Shally believes that investing in yourself is similar to nurturing a plant – the more effort you put in, the more it will grow. She found that her investment in an MBA through upGrad was well worth it, as it helped her achieve her career goals in the form of leadership skills and professional confidence. The program has also helped her acquire in-depth subject acumen and dual degrees from recognised universities (Liverpool Business School and IMT-Ghaziabad) which will accelerate her journey towards becoming a corporate juggernaut.

Transitioning from your domains and areas of expertise may appear to some to be an unnecessary choice as it looks like a ‘Restart’ button, but Shally makes the point that it is more about bringing the two together and applying the practicality through innovation rather than leaving something (Tech) to get somewhere (Managerial roles).

Visit the website to learn more about the MBA from Liverpool Business School powered by upGrad: http://bitly.ws/y94r

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