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For those who want to make themselves indispensable as future employees, it is crucial to go beyond just acquiring technical skills. Living in the times of the fourth industrial revolution has accelerated the pace of change itself. As a result, thriving in the workplace demands a constant upgradation of one’s skills. There has been a shift in demand from just getting a formal education to acquiring demonstrable skill sets. In the present scenario, it is all about having the right skills to help build a brighter and better future.

Hence, business students must find the correct balance between formal education and managerial skills. On that note, let us look at some essential skills students need to focus on acquiring these days. Institutions like K J Somaiya Institute of Management incorporate different education programmes to boost students’ technical abilities and help them get managerial skills that make the students industry ready.

Growth Mindset

In earlier times, upskilling was a choice. With no requirement to upgrade one’s skills, people would decide to upgrade their skills as a personal choice. However, times have certainly changed a lot. These days, there has been a complete shift in industry demands. Nowadays, expectations are that the workforce must have a dynamic set of skills that give them a competitive edge. At the K J Somaiya Institute of Management, students can sign up for upskilling from a pool of countless dynamic education programmes where they are allowed to learn and develop their professional skills.


Data Literacy

The development and evolution of technology has provided mankind with multiple efficient tools to help us understand the business sector in the best way possible. To correctly manage these tools and for optimum use of the tools, there is a constant need of leaders who can interpret data tools and proactively use them to facilitate an environment of growth. That is why education in institutions like K J Somaiya Institute of Management is driven towards developing a student’s acumen by including the latest technological advancements and more in management technology.



Only leaders with solid decision-making skills can validate data accuracy and use that to create potential solutions. They will be able to combine innovation with experience to develop new and advanced methods for proper management and use of data. As an end result, these individuals will be able to assess different ideas and outcomes to make decisions on time which are great for the welfare of the business industry.


Critical Thinking

We live in an era where authenticity usually takes a backseat, and fake news dominates everything. With the rising possibilities of living in social media bubbles and artificial situations, one of the must have skills for an individual is to be able to think critically. Critical thinking skills help make the most of one’s career irrespective of the industry you work in. At the K J Somaiya Institute of Management, the approach to teaching includes experiential learning, group projects, and case studies that will enhance the student’s critical thinking and deliver workable, efficient, and timely decisions


Emotional Intelligence

As human beings, we can control and express our emotions naturally. However, some emotionally intelligent people have an awareness of their emotions and how that has an impact on others as well. This knowledge helps in maintaining one’s emotional balance while handling different situations. To ensure that the students can achieve that level of emotional intelligence to handle situations tactfully, K J Somaiya Institute of Management works to develop the best programmes for the students.



When it comes to workforce management, there are some inherent challenges for sure. Managing a remote workforce has some unique challenges, and worse if it is under unfavourable circumstances. With the evolution of the business sector, teamwork and collaboration are also going through change. There are fully remote workers, hybrid workers, contract workers, and many other individuals in the ecosystem. Hence, understanding how to function in a collaborative environment under different situations will be beneficial for sure. Luckily, there are multiple opportunities at K J Somaiya Institute of Management to help individuals build their collaborative skills through group projects, committees, and much more.


Time Management

One of the essential abilities and skills that students must acquire is proper time management. It is more than necessary to have the ability to manage time to maintain an effective workplace strategy. K J Somaiya Institute of Management enables students to work in a time-crunched environment, while developing their skills effectively.


Diverse Team Management

With the growth of the global supply chain and business sector transformations, changes in the mode of operations have been witnessed widely. Teams are more likely to collaborate with consultants, contractors, and in other words, team leaders. Hence, effective team management is a crucial skill individuals should focus on acquiring.



There are plenty of reasons for future workers to be optimistic about their approach to upskilling. With proper education and advanced technology in their hands, they will be able to acquire the best skills to help ensure that they are a crucial part of the workforce. Multiple opportunities and education programmes at the K J Somaiya Institute of Management will ensure that students can create a promising future for themselves. 

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