International School of Business and Media is widely acknowledged to be one of the finest educational institutions in Pune, having always pushed its students to enhance their knowledge and ability. ISB&M offers 2 years full-time Career – Oriented dual specialization PGDM programme, approved by AICTE in Marketing, Finance, HR, IRM SCOM (only for Engineers), Media & Communication. 

ISB&M’s learning programme is driven by high-quality faculty & they have been associated with top B-Schools of India through their education and past work experience.


Crescendo is an annual cultural festival of International School of Business and Media. It has been standing strong as the flagship event of ISB&M since the last 19 years and marks an inspired and novel initiative by the students each year to put on a magnificent show. 

Crescendo is a three-day event, where the first two days consist of inter-collegiate competitive events between 200+ colleges from across Mumbai and Pune, judged by glamourous artists who are the best professionals in their fields. 

We intend, through our three-day festival, to create a community of young performers, impassioned by the arts and deepened by the drive to learn. Crescendo establishes itself as a brand where we hope to establish a long-lasting bond between colleges, and inspire people to embrace the art of pop, theatre, humour, song, fashion and dance. 

The final day is an off-campus event, which is the Star Night of Crescendo. These night witnesses performances delivered by some of the biggest names in the Indian Film Industry, attracting a crowd of 4000+ people and creating a night of fun, liveliness and zing. 

We aim to make it a festival accessible to students from across Pune and Mumbai, to inspire and influence people with all kinds of interests. 


Since its inception, Crescendo has been bringing together hundreds of colleges and thousands of students together on a common platform to display their art and compete against each other to prove themselves as the best. 

This makes our event an excellent platform to furnish your establishment with positive promotion, viewed by the best possible audience that an event of this stature can gather. In getting the most creative and talented individuals under one roof, we create the perfect environment for you to showcase your brand. 

Our off-campus event further guarantees your visibility among 4000+ people, primarily composed of the youth, gathered together for a night to engage in fun and excitement. A concert of their favourite artists brings them running to the ground, full of zest, liveliness and zing. Every year, this concert organized by Crescendo has had the most prestigious artists, with a name no less, adding to the show’s glamour and success. Some of the names of the artists include Atif Aslam, Salim Sulaiman, Neha Kakkar, Zakir Khan, Amit Mishra, Mohammed Irfan, Nishant Tanwar and many more.

The final day was an off-campus concert, with the following tentative artists, garnering a crowd of 4000+ people.

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