Cracking the Code to MBA: IIM Calcutta students provide MBA Exam preparation guidance to aspirants – Session 3

The mba project - session 3

The MBA Project is an initiative by a few students of IIM Calcutta and aims to provide the much-needed guidance to MBA aspirants. Through the sessions, it also plans to raise funds for the COVID relief efforts and e-learning initiatives for the families living on the streets of Kolkata, through its partnership with an International NGO Future Hope. The team has already raised INR 45,000/- so far for this cause.

Successful start to The MBA Project Series

The MBA Project team has successfully completed the first 2 sessions in the series. Session 1 on ‘Career Scope’ saw 42 aspirants eager to know more about MBA with respect to other possible options, while Session 2 on ‘Cracking the CAT’ saw 73 aspirants looking forward to know about sectional strategies to crack the most important B-school entrance exam. The sessions were well received by the attendees who gave encouraging feedback to the team. Their testimonies can be read on The MBA Project’s social media pages.

Next Focus: Other MBA Exams

The third session of The MBA Project series is on ‘Cracking MBA Exams’ and will host speakers who have aced different exams like XAT, NMAT, IIFT and SNAP. It would focus on the overall and sectional strategies for these exams while stressing on aspects which make them and their preparation different than that of the  CAT exam. The session would involve sharing of preparation, test taking strategies and solving methodologies for specific type of questions. The session on ‘Cracking MBA Exams’ will be held on 2nd August, 4-6 PM.


What is the benefit to you?

The aim of The MBA Project is to give you a glimpse into the MBA journeys followed by students and alumni who entered IIM Calcutta after having similar academic and professional backgrounds as you. Each session’s panel will have students from different academic and professional backgrounds and they will be sharing their personal stories with you and help guide you to secure the precious B-school admit.

The four sessions revolve around different aspects of the MBA journey – the decision to pursue MBA, cracking the competitive exams for MBA admission and navigating the B-school life. You can be a part of any or all of the sessions and get your queries resolved.


Registration  Details

Session 1: Career Scope – Sunday, 19th July, 4-6:30 pm : Completed

Session 2: Cracking CAT – Sunday, 26th July, 4-6.30 pm : Completed

Session 3: Other MBA Exams – Sunday, 2nd August, 4-6 pm

Session 4: Life in and after MBA – Sunday, 9th August, 4-6.30 pm

Each session will be for 2-2.5 hours with Q&A.

You can register for the sessions: CLICK HERE

The price of the individual session is INR 250/-

The COVID Relief Fundraising – Where would the contribution go?

The MBA Project has partnered with Future Hope to contribute to its COVID relief efforts for the families living on the streets of Kolkata. All contribution from the sessions would be to accommodate the dire needs and solve the problems that they face in these adverse circumstances of a pandemic.

About Future Hope:

Future Hope is a 30-year old charity organization dedicated to creating a brighter future for some of the most vulnerable children from the streets and slums of Kolkata by providing opportunity through its homes, school, sports and medical programme and family life homes where the children feel cared for and happy. They offer an all-round education to street & slum children who are given the opportunity to realise their potential and find a path to an independent life.

COVID-19 Efforts:

With a massive team effort and help from the local police Future Hope has already delivered 3,400 rescue ration packs with essentials like dry food and soap to desperate families in Kolkata. Each pack contains enough food to feed a family of five for about two weeks. The team is also aiming to set up e-learning infrastructure for the street children as their classes have come to a standstill in the pandemic.

You can contribute here: [email protected]

Or Reach out to Ajay at +91-9973053532