Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been conducting examinations for classes 10 and 12 throughout India. It not only provides a comprehensive syllabus for various subjects but also sample papers for reference.

CBSE has officially released the sample papers for the upcoming examination in 2020. This announcement is of utmost importance to students as well as teachers who must take a fair idea from the sample papers, about the type of questions and the scheme of writing answers for such questions.

Most importantly, these sample papers, which are available in a PDF format, are solved. This will enable the students to understand how they should frame their answers and what will be the marking scheme. The sample papers are available on the official website of www.cbse.nic.in.

These sample papers are extremely helpful, especially in the light of changes that were introduced by CBSE in the Mathematics exams. The students will get a better understanding with regard to these changes too.

Here are some points that highlight the importance of sample papers while preparing for the CBSE board examinations 2020 –

  1. Understanding the type of questions – It is very important to understand what type of questions students will be answering in the exam. While they often get an idea from the previous years’ question papers, referring to the sample paper gives the students an insight about the questions that are more relevant to the topics important for their upcoming examination.
  2. Can be used for Mock Tests – Mock tests are a very important part of the preparation process of board exams. Students can use these sample papers for their mock test to weigh their problem solving and answering abilities. With proper mock tests, students get a fair understanding of the areas in which they need to strengthen themselves more to get the perfect score.
  3. Helps in time management – It would be a shame if a student knows all the answers but is restricted due to time crunch. Thus, time management should be incorporated during the preparations as an extremely important area. They should have a clear understanding of much time to spend on a question depending on the marks. This will be possible when they solve the sample papers and figure out the time they take in writing answers of different lengths.
  4. Get comfortable with the paper – Being a landmark exam in their lives, students are often nervous and feel underconfident before the exam. However, once they are regularly making judicious use of the sample papers, they can get comfortable with the paper pattern and won’t be bogged down by stress and surprise during the exam.

It is also very important to attempt the sample papers in a manner similar to the examination process. Take 3 hours to attempt the paper and make sure not to be distracted by the disturbances of mobile phones, television or even family chatter.

Compare your answers to the solved sample papers to get an accurate analysis of your mistakes. Thus, all students should download the sample papers and start using them once they have individually finished the syllabus a subject.

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