CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper 2020

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts exams for more than thousands of students of classes 10 and 12 across different schools in India. The examination is one of the most crucial ones for all higher secondary students for which they start preparing almost a year in advance. For a subject like Mathematics, which is based on thorough understanding of concepts and application of theories and formulas, rigorous practice is a must to be able to excel.

Another important factor associated with the board examinations is stress and nervousness that students constantly have to deal with because of the understanding of the impact the exam will have on their future.

Therefore it becomes necessary to make the preparation process a little manageable for them so that they can develop their own strategies and do well in the papers. In view of this, the CBSE releases sample question papers every year to help the students get acquainted with the pattern of the examination, the marking scheme of the paper and the kinds of questions to expect.

The CBSE has released the sample paper for the Mathematics (Standard) exam 2020 for students to practice from. Solving the sample paper will help students in getting a better overview of the board exam paper and will improve their analytical abilities. These things play a significant role in aiding the students’ preparation for the examination without any hassles or doubts.

The sample paper released by CBSE is available online very easily in the form of a pdf which one may also download and print. Having the hard copy in hand helps a lot, especially in case of a subject like Mathematics.

The CBSE Mathematics (Standard) paper will carry a total weightage of 80 marks and will be divided into 4 distinct sections from which questions will be set. Students will get a few choices in the questions internally and the break up of marks for each section and each question will also be mentioned explicitly.

The first section (A) shall contain around 20 objective type questions of 1 mark each. Section B will have 6 very short answer type questions of 2 marks each. The third section (C) will have 8 short answer type questions of 3 marks and finally section D will entail 6 long answer type questions of 4 marks each.

From 2020 onwards, the CBSE class 10 board exam will have two separate Mathematics papers for students to choose from- Mathematics Standard and Mathematics Basic. The standard paper will contain questions of the existing level of difficulty while the basic paper will contain simpler, basic questions which will be easier to solve. This will be preferable for students who do not wish to take up Mathematics in future.

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