CAT 2016: Slot 2 analysis by experts

The overall structure of slot 2 was exactly similar to that of Slot 1. The number of TITA questions in the QA section was same in both the slots. However, the number of TITA questions in the DI-LR section in slot 2 was only 4 (one complete DI set) as compared to 8 TITA questions in the DI-LR section in slot 1.

Here is the break–up of questions section-wise:

Experts speak

VA-RC Section: Just as in the first slot, the VA-RC section was the same as CAT 2015 section in terms of structure and question types. There were no grammar or vocabulary-based questions – all the VA questions were reasoning-based. The Verbal section was very similar to IMS SimCAT 15 and 16.

DI-LR Section: This section saw a slight change as compared to the first slot. It had 4 sets each of Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning. Selection of the right sets to solve was key to a good performance in this section. This slot had one complete DI set, consisting of 4 questions, as TITA. Overall the section was slightly easy when compared to last year – if you have solved around 4-5 sets (17-20 questions) in this section, then you should be in the safe zone.  

QA Section: As compared to the first slot, this slot had questions more spread across areas. Also, there were at least 7 to 8 sitters for the taking. The image of the Square Root sign still resembled more like a PI – thereby creating some confusion. An attempt of 23 to 25 questions in this section should be a good bet.  


The second slot of CAT 2016 has been reported to be more or less similar to last year with no surprises. No new question types were seen in any of the sections. An overall attempt of 65+ questions with an accuracy of 80 to 85 percent should be classified as a good performance in this test.

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