CAT 2016: Slot 1 detailed analysis by experts

The overall structure of CAT 2016 was exactly similar to that of CAT 2015. Each section was timed for 60 minutes. One could not go back and forth between sections. The test started with the Verbal Section, which had 34 questions – 24 RC and 10 VA. Unlike CAT 2015, this section was not divided into two sub-sections but had one single section and therefore some extra effort was required if one wanted to first solve VA questions or RC questions. The second section was the DI-LR with 32 questions distributed equally between the two areas. Just like VA-RC, the DI and LR sets were mixed up and there was no way one could locate all the DI sets or all the LR sets in one go. The third section was the Quantitative Ability section which also had 34 questions.


  • The first slot of CAT 2016 has been reported to be more or less similar to last year with no surprises.
  • No new question types were seen in any of the sections.
  • An overall attempt of 65+ questions with an accuracy of 80 to 85 percent should be classified as a good performance in this test.

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This review of CAT 2016 Slot 1 is by IMS

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