CAT 2016: Second Slot DI LR dampen hopes for an overall good percentile this year say candidates

CAT (Common Admission Test) 2016 ended on a relatively unsatisfactory note for a majority of students, as they were disheartened with the DI/LR section. This year too, the pattern adhered to the old formula where many believed the second slot to be tougher than the first slot. Avinash Kumar from Gurgaon said, “On doing a comparative analysis between the 1st and the 2nd slot paper, my friends and I realised that the DI/LR section was tougher in the latter slot. I don’t think anyone could solve more than 20 questions in the section, given its difficulty level.” He further added that Verbal ability was the easiest section of the three.

Those attempting CAT for the second time found the overall paper taking experience quite similar to that of last year. Revathy Sukumaran from Mumbai, who took CAT for the second time found the paper pattern quite similar to that of the previous year. “Verbal ability was quite manageable, so I was happy that it had started on a good note. But, then came DI/LR and that ruined quite a lot for me. I’m sure everyone found it very tough this year,” she said.

Calling the second slot of the exam disproportionately tough, Aditya Taank of Pune, said that the complexity of the paper was in the format it was set. “In DI/LR, for example, some of them were very tough and time consuming. Similarly, in Quant the first ten questions were tough, but then it was fine,” he said adding that selection of the right sets to solve was key to a good performance in the paper that would have ensured better overall performance. However, he is determined to give a better attempt next year.

Overall, the tests took place fairly smooth with minor technical glitches reported across a few centres.