With the whole new structure given to SNAP test 2018, the candidates need to buckle up for this year’s management test. For the first time SNAP test will be computer based. This means that the candidates will need to practice hard enough to be able to solve questions on computer and finish the paper in time. The candidates are asked 130 questions that they need to answer in 120 minutes. In pen and paper, it used to be easy and people were in habit of answering questions like that. While, in computer-based exam one needs to be very quick on their fingers to answer the questions.

The candidates will need to remain calm and answer questions using only the mouse. The keyboard is usually not allowed to us in computer-based examinations. This puts the aspirants in a difficult situation. Here are some last minutes tips that might help the candidates answer the SNAP exam of 2018.


  • Admit card


The candidate should not forget to carry their admit card with them. The admit card works like a bill that shows that the candidate has filled the application form and paid the fees for the exam. The admit card holds all the details of the candidate and helps identify the candidate. If one fails to bring their admit card with them, the aspirant will be asked to go back and will not be allowed to write the examination unless he or she can bring their admit card before the exam starts.

The candidate needs to stick a recent colored picture of them on the space provided. If the name of the candidate has changed due to reasons like marriage, the candidate needs to show the marriage certificate as well.


  • Documents


The candidate is also required to carry an identity proof with them so that the people carrying out the whole examination can identify and prove that the person who has applied for the examination is the one who is answering the exam. The candidates can carry their driving license, adhaar card or any other such document for identity proof. The candidate is not allowed to carry anything in the examination hall except them admit card, identity proof and a blue or black ball pen.  The candidate is not allowed to wear digital watches or carry calculators or mobile phones inside the examination hall.


  • After entering


The candidates will need to follow the strict instructions given to them by the invigilators. The candidate will first be identified by taking a picture and saving the finger print. Once the candidate is found in the system, the invigilator will take the candidate to their respective seat which will be shielded from three sides. The candidate is supposed to log in when the invigilator announces them to. The aspirant should fill in the password and details required through the virtual keyboard only. The candidates need to inform the invigilator if there are any problems with their computer or system.

The candidates will be provided with rough sheets which they will have to return before they leave the examination hall. The candidate is required to write their SNAP ID and name on the rough sheet provided to them.

  • Computer instructions

  • The plus points on having a computer-based SNAP exam is that the candidate can answer questions from any section and then skip to any other section.
  • The candidate can check the number of questions he or she has answered and left on review.
  • The test taker can also see all the questions in one glance if they wish to and then choose which ones they want to answer first.
  • The candidate will be given three options below; save and next, clear response and mark as review and next.
  • The candidate should remember to submit their answer after answering it.
  • The test taker will be required to submit the answered paper in the end. If the candidate fails to do so their answers will not be registered, and they shall lose marks.
  • After submitting the test, the candidate will not be allowed to log in again and will be provided with a feedback form.
  • All the candidates need to fill the SNAP exam feedback form after giving the exam.

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