From 1974 to 1977 Jayprakash Narayan united all political parties under one umbrella called Janta Party and led the “total revolution against congress party” from Bihar to all over India. As a result, first time country saw the non-congress party in center as well as in several states. Meanwhile, this movement gave birth to many new comers in Bihar’s politics: Lalu Prasad Yadav who later form Rastriya Janta Dal(RJD); Nitish Kumar who later form Janta Dal United(JDU); Sushil Kumar Modi became leader of Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP). Subsequently, being the most prominent among them in Janta dal, Lalu Prasad Yadav became chief minister in 1990 and led the government in his own style. In the span 15 years from 1990 to 2005, he institutionalized pro-backward politics to eliminate upper-caste prominence in governance of state and diverted attention of development to respect and security. Parallely, he derailed the wagon of development from the track. Unfortunately, Nexus between politician, bureaucrats, and business man brought the full-fledged mafia raj–Crime, kidnapping, unfriendly business. Sadly, mass migration of youth facing unemployment moved to more developed states as well as businessman fearing loss preferred to invest in other stable states. Thus, oscillating economy even faced negative growth while whole India was enjoying the benefit of liberalization started by the then India’s finance minister Manmohan singh in 1991.

Undoubtedly, Lalu Prasad Yadav came in power as hero and people believed him their caretaker. Even lalu tried to full fill their dream, but he chosen wrong path in solving their problems. Instead of creating job by encouraging education and industrialization, he preferred to provide reservation in government job and in assembly seats against upper cast. Also, he could have increased the resources to supply the demands of poor lower castes people. But, he preferred to snatch it from upper caste people’s share. Further already existing industries were looted and business men were kidnapped to make money at the cost of state economy. According to Lalu Prasad Yadav, “development is not important for poor since they don’t have car to travel on road”. Also he encouraged people to use kerosene instead of electricity and kept them in darkness. Similarly, to fight feudalism Lalu should have implemented the law and order strictly against any type of injustice to lower caste people, but he gave power to his supporters —Do whatever you want to do; fight without fear I am with you. Whenever any police complaint was made against his supporters, it was dismissed by his politicians. Law and order were in hand of his own men. For worst case he even patronizes many criminals like Sahabuddin, Pappu yadav and many more. Sahabuddin, holding Kangaroo court, used to run a parallel administration in Siwan. There are many cases against him of kidnaping and murdering. During his time no body used to open their mouth against him. After police having found arms in his house related to Pakistan ordinance factories, he is supposed to have link with Pakistan intelligence agency ISI. This Most prominent criminal-politician was seen as standard to major other criminals crime. Being in jail he won 2005 general election. Pappu Yadav, initially criminal, is now a famous politician of RJD. He murdered CPI (M) leader Ajit Sarkar and used his political connection to be acquitted from being convicted. Interestingly, after allowing criminals to loot, Lalu Yadav even kept happy to himself as well as bureaucrats and lower post officers. No bribe no work as well as small scale embezzlement by some government employee was encouraged. Unfortunately, Lalu got involved in scam known as fodder scam in which they embezzled money from animal husbandry department and submitted false expense report. Shockingly, he used his political power to get bail in some cases and even acquittal in others. Although he was convicted in 1997, his fool blind supporters again voted his party to rule in the state from 1997 to 2005. Thus he set up an example of “Jangal Raj”.

Wind had started to change since 1996 but, but finally it turned in 2005 when Nitish kumar known as “Sushasan Babu” came in power. Although Lalu tried to woo Muslim and Yadav by projecting MY (Muslim, Yadav) equation, but he couln’t suceed and lost badly. Funnily, Lalu in 2005 assembly election went on to project a man looking like Osama Bin Laden to woo Muslims. Fortunately, as the Nitish kumar came in power he reformed the economy. In Lalu era from 1990 to 2005, Bihar grew at 5.7% with fluctuation between positive and negative. Initially, Nitish Kumar started Bihar with 1.49% GDP. But, later from 2006 to 2012 Bihar developed at 10.87 compare to India which developed only at 8.29 %. 2012-13 data is more interesting where Bihar’s GDP growth is 15.05% and India’s GDP growth is 4.7%. Now the same Bihar which was called “Bimaru state of India” is now called as healthiest state of India. It seems Bihar is now pulling the Indian economy. All this didn’t happen incidentally. Nitish brought many new policies. He gave the priority to construction of road, malls, restaurants and hotels; then next, he improved manufacturing sectors like small scale industries sugar mill, rice mill, ethanol power plant, and food processing units to supply people’s demand. Then agriculture sector was promoted by giving subsidy on seeds and fuel. In Education sector he opened colleges and gave more importance to girls by giving them free bicycle, cloth, food, and even money to tackle their poor economic condition. In 2009 Nitish Kumar was given CNN IBN award for development. This positive environment decreases the poverty ration from 56% in 2004-05 to 33.74 % in 2011-12.

Now 2014 general election is going on. Nitish’s Janta Dal United government is facing tough battle with both RJD and BJP. We have choice to choose among corruption, development, communalism, and castesim. Choice is yours!!