Be Distinct with an MBA at K J Somaiya Institute of Management

John Locke once said how reading merely facilitates materials of knowledge to a mind, but thinking makes what we read ours. In order to provide holistic education to the students, K J Somaiya Institute of Management focuses on developing the thinking ability of the students. Aiming to hone them into the thinkers of the future, the curriculum at K J Somaiya is designed in a way that challenges the grey cells of the students and hones them into the industry leaders of the future. By offering domain-specific and multidisciplinary modules, the K J Somaiya campus becomes the leading hub of knowledge. The university boasts of experienced faculty who are also renowned academicians and industry professionals. With the aim to enhance the rounded personality of the students, there are amenities like a sports complex, yoga sessions, foreign language centers, a music arena, and other experiential opportunities on board.

In order for students to lead the corporate game, multidisciplinary education becomes highly important, and K J Somaiya aces at this. One of the major benefits of gaining knowledge of cross-disciplinary subjects is the sheer flexibility that one can explore while choosing a particular field, even ten years down the line. In this manner, the career shifts become easier and all because of a carefully crafted curriculum. The pedagogical method is structured such that it offers a blend of traditional and modern approaches. Henceforth, there is an immense emphasis on practical and immersive activities like case studies, experiential learning, industry visits, simulation, news analysis, role play, and guest sessions.

With the coming-of-age electives and major modules, the syllabus offered at K J Somaiya inculcates students with every basic and advanced aspect of the world of management. Aiming to give a taste of the exemplary topics, the curriculum offers a rounded approach towards management. Here is the list of the Majors offered in the MBA 2022 curriculum at K J Somaiya:

  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management

In recent times, the electives in the field of management decide the trajectory of a student’s career. In this regard, choosing one’s minor becomes an important and necessary task. Here is the list and a wide range of the Minors offered at K J Somaiya:

  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial services
  • Human Resources
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • International Business
  • Management Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Retail Management

The overall aim of this programme remains to propagate common learning goals like Management Knowledge, Critical and analytical thinking, Communication skills, Team orientation, Global awareness, Ethical responsibility, Leadership, and Integrated Thinking. The large alumni base of the institution is standing true to these values and raising the K J Somaiya flag high. From the 100% offers in Summer Internships to 99.79% final placements, the statistics speak volumes of the success of K J Somaiya students in the professional world. The students are placed in reputed organizations in sectors like Banking and insurance, IT, Financial Service, Consulting, and many others.

Aside from a general MBA degree, K J Somaiya also offers two specialized management degrees in the realm of Healthcare Management and Sports Management. Profile based shortlisting shall take place on the basis of the form and Statement of Purpose (SOP). The details of these programmes are as follows:

MBA Healthcare Management

With the boom in the healthcare sector in India, the requirement for management professionals in the field is at an all-time high. The curriculum encapsulates the detailed requirement of the reputed healthcare setups across the globe. A two-year full-time course, it is conducted in 6 trimesters. In order to inculcate integrated thinking among the students, the MBA in Healthcare Management provides an in-depth understanding of the system. The module anchors on the immersive learning experience and thereby the pedagogy centers around the real-time problems and case studies rather than a theoretical approach. The course comprises of detailed study of topics like Epidemiology, Healthcare Service Management, Medico Legal Environment in Healthcare, Demography Analysis and Policy for Healthcare, Retail Management in Healthcare, Pharma and Biotech Management, etc. Post the completion of this course one can easily embark on a successful career like Hospital Administration, Product Management in Healthcare, Patient Care and Support Management, Financial Management in Healthcare, and many such stellar opportunities.

MBA in Sports Management

Sports has long been a means of entertainment and with wide popularity comes a wide chance for growth in terms of career opportunities. Considering this, the coalition between K J Somaiya Institute of Management and Somaiya Sports Academy has collated a state-of-the-art curriculum in Sports Management. In the quest to hone the best sports managers, the course aims to nourish all the soft skills of the students. The exclusive curriculum boasts of modules such as Grassroot Sports Development, Coaching and Training in Sports, Sports Tourism Management, Sports Physiotherapy, and PPP Model for the upkeep of sports among many others. The stellar career paths that one can embark on after completion of a Sports Management degree are Sports Media Management, Sports Journalism, Managing Health and Fitness Chains, Managing Sports Brand, and many such dazzling opportunities.

All of these combined make the K J Somaiya campus a class apart hub of thriving talent and bustling diversity.

Admissions are open for MBA, MBA in Healthcare Management and MBA in Sports Management for the year 2022. To apply, click here.

The eligibility criteria for applying to MBA programme for 2022-24 is to appear for the qualifying test, namely CAT 2021 / XAT 2022 / CMAT 2022/ NMAT / GMAT.The candidates then have to appear for the CA-PI round.

The eligibility criteria for applying to MBA-HCM and MBA-SM for 2022-24 is to appear for the qualifying test, namely CAT 2021 / XAT 2022 / CMAT 2022/ NMAT* /GMAT*. Candidates appearing for MBA HCM and MBA SM need to submit Statement of Purpose (SOP). Profile based shortlisting shall take place on the basis of the form and Statement of Purpose (SOP). The candidates then have to appear for the CA-PI round.

*Candidates applying through NMAT & GMAT are required to select K J Somaiya Institute of Management as one of the institutes for sending their scores in NMAT & GMAT application forms/portal respectively. For NMAT, the scores of only the first attempt of the students will be considered. GMAT scores are valid for 3 years (from 1st January 2019 to 31st January 2022)

For more information or to ask any queries join, [OFFICIAL] K J Somaiya Institute of Management 2024-2024 MBA Admissions.

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