AICTE has asked colleges to become “Atmanirbhar”

In the wake of the circumstances created by the Coronavirus pandemic, India has realized that over-reliance on other countries to meet local requirements is a dangerous approach, which exposes the nation to certain vulnerabilities. So, the Prime Minister invoked the spirit of patriotism and asked the nation to become “atmanirbhar”, that is self-dependent.

A similar approach has now been suggested by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) to showcase its support for the Prime Minister’s encouragement. The AICTE has asked higher education institutes and universities to be more self-dependent or as it is said: “atmanirbhar.”

As a measure to support the initiative of “Vocal for Local” AICTE has asked institutes and universities to encourage and support students and faculty members to develop alternative applications, technologies, products by putting in use their innovative ideas and research and in a way helping the citizens with a good replacement for all the Chinese services.

 The letter from AICTE clearly stated that this will help India to become self-reliant and will also propel India and Indian industries to be capable of meeting all global needs and requirements.

This letter, which was signed by the AICTE Chief Anil Sahasrabudhe has also tried to address all the students and faculty members with some positive hopes by stating that the COVID 19 pandemic would soon be becoming a thing of the past and India then will soon come back from the current financial crisis and will emerge with even more pride and strength after having to fight with it.

AICTE’s address suggested everyone be pro-active and put all efforts and “be vocal” and “buy local” to achieve the goal as set by the Prime Minister to become self-reliant or “atmanirbhar.”The letter also acknowledged many universities and institutions that have done phenomenal jobs during the pandemic situation by making personal protective equipment (PPE), sanitizers, face masks, ventilators, and various other technologies and applications to tackle the situation.

How will the “Atmanirbhar” initiative not only help India to tackle the pandemic but will also boost India’s economy in the very future to come?

The outbreak of the pandemic due to the novel Corona Virus had led to the worldwide shutdown of all industries and all trade and commerce. The condition was and is currently so devastating that the world economy has never before seen such a downfall, and thus it will require great efforts for everyone to come back from this deep pit into which we have fallen back.

Due to complete lockdowns, investors are not ready to invest into new business plans or startups, human resource has been scarce and expensive too, low demands of luxury products and various other problems have disturbed the economy and have also turned many people unemployed, and a great number of families are just not able to survive because they have no money to buy the essentials as well.

The situation became even worse when there were atrocities at the borders with China regarding the land disputes and also that China was the country which could have stopped this virus from becoming a pandemic by making everyone aware of it and what t did instead was to remain silent and hide things and facts.

All these issues acted as a red flag for the government telling them that its high time to give their neighbouring country a good lesson and explain India’s significance in their trade and business by boycotting their goods and technology and entrusting upon Indian brands and technology of India to provide the alternatives or substitutes.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his inaugural address at the Confederation of the Indian Industry (CII) Annual Session 2020, said that there’s a clear path for all Indian Industries to come back and again start working as usual, by following the concept of having an “Atmanirbhar Bharat,” or a self-dependent India, which could live on its own and not depending on other countries for import.

Considering PM’s scheme of things, now there are a lot of opportunities for new startups to get financed and get that push required for them to excel in their fields.India has always been an ally to most other countries and has healthy relations with almost all world leaders, which makes it quite clear for India that it can make great profits from them and thus boost the economy.

The Prime Minister and the citizens too believe that this re-strengthening of the economy would not only be helping in improving the economy today but will surely help India in the future, where India will be a country which imports very less but exports in many different fields.

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