UPSC Pathshala has been a pioneer in preparing UPSC aspirants and ensuring that they get their desired scores since its inception. With top mentors from across the country who have over 10 years of experience, UPSC Pathshala aims to bring you the best at the comfort of your home. Personalised mentoring, offline access, regular tests, live classes for current affairs, doubt solving sessions are among the few features that have been praised by the students in their review.

How does UPSC Pathshala ensure a result-driven approach? 

1. Personal Mentor

Preparation for the Civil Services exam is a long journey and it’s very essential to have a mentor who is experienced and can guide you at every step of the preparation. UPSC Pathshala offers a dedicated mentor who makes your complete study plan, always solves your doubts, discusses current affairs, evaluates your answers, and keeps you focused on your path. Not just that, but they also understand what your weak and strong concepts or subjects are and prepare the study plan accordingly. If you’re a working professional and have very less time to prepare for your exam, then the personal mentor will make a plan to ensure that the entire syllabus is covered in that particular time and you still have enough time for test series.

2. Amazing Quality Videos

UPSC Pathshala delivers the best quality video lectures by top most faculty members of India, covering the entire syllabus of General Studies (GS) and Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) along with the most detailed coverage of Current Affairs for both Prelims and Mains. Further, they have checkpoint questions after each video and test after each module to test the student’s understanding.

3. Ample practice and test series

With UPSC Pathshala, you can keep track of your preparation with multilayered tests, both subjective and objective. You further get checkpoint questions based on each video to test your understanding and a module test at the end of each module. All of this will test how well versed you are with your subjects of GS and Current Affairs. This, in turn, gives you real-time UPSC Exam experience several times before your final attempt.

4. Offline access

Once the student gets enrolled for the course, they get a pen drive delivered at their doorstep. This pen drive will give them offline access to all the videos and study material. As and when the content gets updated on the portal, the pen drive gets synced automatically. Students can access the videos anywhere, anytime, at their convenience.

Several students have reviewed the above features as the best they can get under one roof. In one such student review, Bharat said, “UPSC Pathshala is a great interactive platform especially for working professionals who don’t have time to attend physical classes. It provides the best personal mentors for each student. These mentors guide them on which books to refer while studying, tips and tricks to get better at answering UPSC questions and essays, how to schedule for studies and much more. Furthermore, they correct you and interact with you at every step. If you have any questions or doubts, there are dedicated WhatsApp and Telegram groups where the queries can be addressed. However, for me, my personal mentor was just a call away.” 

Along with the best features, UPSC Pathshala also offers custom courses so that students can opt for the one that suits them the best.

Which are the custom courses offered by UPSC Pathshala? 

  • UPSC Foundation Course
  • Crash Course for Prelims 2020
  • UPSC Inception Course
  • Indian Forest Service Program
  • UPSC Pathshala Junior
  • UPSC Hindi
  • Sociology (optional subject)
  • Geography (optional subject)
  • Central Armed Police Forces Exam (CAPF)

What are the key takeaways from these courses that will help the student to crack UPSC?

  • Fundamental Skills Development
  • Best Quality Video Content
  • Current Affairs Training
  • NCERT Preparation
  • Daily News Analysis
  • Weekly events like group discussions, doubt solving sessions and essay writing

Foundation Course is for the UPSC aspirants who are taking the exam in 2022 or later, and want to start with the basics of the required skill set required for UPSC, followed by rigorous preparation.

What will be covered in the foundation course?

1. Fundamental Skills Development

Fundamental skill development includes improvising on reading capacity, writing quality, analytical thinking, effective recalling, and efficient communication. All this is achieved with the help of engaging assignments and a personal mentor who guides the aspirant at every step.

2. NCERT Coverage

The courses will include exhaustive coverage of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) with video lectures, assignments, and question banks. NCERT textbooks are known as the holy bible for UPSC and the mentors at UPSC Pathshala will ensure that you know exactly how to navigate through the endless resources and study material.

3. Current Affairs 

In the duration of the entire course, there will be 300+ hours dedicated to the most relevant &custom made videos which covers all the important current affairs. Further, there are weekly magazines for current affairs by UPSC Pathshala wherein everything that you need to know is curated in an illustrative and interesting way. Gone are those days when students had to memorise endless newspaper and magazine articles.

Crash course for the Prelims course includes everything that you need to study while preparing for Prelims. If a student opts for offline classes, they are forced to enroll in Prelims as well as Mains. A student ends up paying over 1 lakh for the entire package even if he is unable to avail the benefits in the future. However, with UPSC Pathshala, you can enroll only for the Prelims package or the Mains according to what suits you the best.

What will be covered in Crash Course for Prelims?

1. General Studies (GS)

The General Studies for Prelims contains over 400+ hours of high-quality video covering all the topics of GS-1, GS-2, GS-3, and GS-4 for both prelims and mains exam.

2. Current Affairs

The Current Affairs for Prelims has over 300+ hours of most relevant &custom made videos covering all the important current affairs of the entire year in the context of the UPSC exam.

3. Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT)

CSAT for Prelims includes 100+ hours of content with a number of practice tests to ensure that you’re completely prepared with the CSAT section for Prelims.

It is never too early to start preparing for your dreams and therefore in order to prepare the future aspirants of UPSC, UPSC Pathshala has introduced UPSC Pathshala Junior! These courses are perfect for students from Class 6 to Class 10.

What will be covered in UPSC Pathshala Junior?

1. Subject matters

The subject matter in UPSC Pathshala Junior includes 50+ hours of video lectures of Science, Social Sciences of the school textbooks, along with additional information delving deep into the topics.

2. Current Affairs

For UPSC Pathshala Junior students, there are 2 live classes every week with trained mentors. These live classes keep them updated about the current affairs in India and across the globe.

3. Mentorship

UPSC Pathshala Junior students will be provided with 24 hours of mentorship. These will be divided into 1 hour per week till the end of the course.

4. Assignments

To test the student’s understanding, thought-provoking and result-oriented assignments will be given to them regularly. All these assignments will be related to the video lectures and current affairs and will be evaluated and discussed by mentors.

What do these courses offer?

1. Course Content

In a nutshell, all these above courses offer 400+ hours of video lectures for skill development, current affairs, and NCERT. Moreover, there will also be weekly webinars for current affairs

along with personalized guidance for interview preparation. Live class and group discussions will increase students’ logical and analytical thinking and give them better insights into the concepts.

2. Schedule and mentorship

UPSC Pathshala’s best feature is that it offers personal mentorship to develop the fundamental skills of students. The personal mentor prepares a detailed day by day study plan based on the student’s pace and schedule. There will be 2 discussion sessions of 30 minutes each every week with the mentor.

The validity of these programs is 1 year and it will ensure that you are entirely confident of appearing for your UPSC exam.

Talking about the custom courses, another student, Rishika said in her review, “Unlike offline classes and other online portals, UPSC offers a lot of customisation. You pay for what you exactly want and that is really time-saving and cost-efficient. The mentors always walk the extra mile to ensure that we are completely prepared in the course that we chose.”

She further said, “There are many online classes options, but I chose UPSC Pathshala because of its personalised mentorship. My mentor Heena Sharma made a personalised timetable for me and ensured that I followed it thoroughly. She is always there to help me if I have any doubts and I’m always grateful to her for that.”

You can check out more such reviews here.

UPSC Pathshala also has a free app- UPSC Guru. Students can access free sample videos covering all the topics along with getting current affairs news updates, exam information, blog articles on tips and tricks for UPSC and much more. All this at your fingertips!

UPSC Guru is indeed your virtual mentor during your preparation for the UPSC exam. It is an app which will be a one-stop solution to all your queries regarding the preparation, pattern, and everything under the sky related to UPSC.

In a nutshell, UPSC Pathshala is a platform that offers every feature to ensure that UPSC aspirants indeed have a holistic and result-oriented approach.

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