A Glimpse of CSR Activities at SIESCOMS

CSR Activities at SIESCOMS has been an integral part of the management students in creating social sensitization. Each year the Sahyog Committee takes the initiative to contribute towards social commitment and this year with active participation from its student members it made sure that the event/activity conducted, sensitized the student community and enlightened one and all in and around the campus on many social issues.
It all started this year with a CSR activity based on Organ donation awareness wherein students conducted a rally that went throughout the college campus including the GST area.
There was a flag box campaign held on the day after the Independence Day, where students were educated to keep their used flags in the boxes and not to throw, tear or burn them. The Sahyog Committee was also a part of Rally for Rivers, by Isha Foundation wherein our students were a part of a silent rally on awareness about the depleting rivers. All the students together conducted a nukkad natak programme in collaboration with Mangalam Charitable Trust, an NGO; students performed street plays on various social issues like drug addiction, rape, dowry, child labour, LGBT, women empowerment, human trafficking and many other issues faced in India.
A blood donation campaign was held in the campus, along with free health check-up in collaboration with Sarvodaya Hospital and Rotary Club. The students were successful in collecting 107 blood bottles.
During the ‘Joy of Giving Week’, Students donated books, toys, clothes, etc. to Sneh Bandhan Trust that has adopted orphanages, schools and old age homes. Thus, the students experienced the true joy of giving unconditionally to the less fortunate.
A senior citizen cultural event – Ageless Grace was organized and it gave insights to students on the issues faced by them due to the injustice caused by the youth. An entertainment session followed, in which the senior citizens danced to the tune of music proving that age is just a number.
With an objective to develop socially responsive managers and to channelize them towards bringing out innovative ideas to build sustainable business models, CSR activities are organized, and are on-going events of the academic year.

-Prof. Lalitha P. Pillai,
SIES College of Management Studies (SIESCOMS).

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