As I struggled to open my eyes and snoozed the alarm for one last time, I saw my two room-mates rushing around in the hostel room, I checked the time, and it was 8.15 A.M. already! It was time to start yet another day with dexterity and the first task for me was to get ready and grab some quick bites of breakfast, all in just 45 minutes. I quickly got up from bed, got ready, picked up The Economic Times from the reception, rushed to the mess for breakfast and finally made it to the classroom just in time. Punctuality is one of the most imperative pre-requisite for SIBM-Bengaluru and, just like any other day. I felt a sense of pride in successfully achieving this little target as I made my way to my favourite seat in the classroom for the 9.00 A.M. lecture.

The 75 minutes of knowledge packed session on economics was followed by a 15 minutes break, which was much needed to interact with 50 other sharp minds that surrounded me. I efficiently used this time to talk with my friends and to revamp my energy for the next few lectures. These lectures are not just powerhouses of information but also include interesting Harvard Business Review Cases for discussions, presentations by classmates, group exercises and activities .This mix of astute theoretical knowledge combined with practical cognizance, widens my perspective and enhances my knowledge, every single day. And today was no exception. By the end of the 5th lecture, my mind was deluged with information on Economics, Business Laws, Finance, Marketing and Operations.

With a handful of assignments on my plate and a couple of new additions in my to-do list, I wrapped up my stuff as the classes got over. Yes, we were officially done with the lectures, but the day had just begun.

The enthusiastic discussions and the sporadic bursts of laughter were unable to distract the attention of the cricket fanatics who had gathered in the mess to watch the India VS New Zealand ODI match.

Cheering for India, with friends from different parts of the country, was all the more a special feeling. From cricket to gym, from football to quick naps, students around me used all sorts of ways to rejuvenate their brain cells after the hectic day, jam packed with presentations, lectures and assignments. But for some of my friends this time of the day was especially dedicated to Birr and Baht, our very own pair of Labradors in the campus.

As I was taking a stroll with my friends near the amphitheatre, my phone buzzed with a reminder. It was time for work. I quickly rushed to the reading room to regroup with my team members, so as to finish our pending project work. After spending a couple of hours on research, garnering surfeit of information and brainstorming sessions, we were finally able to complete the project before the deadline. With smiles on our faces and sheer sense of contentment in our hearts, we descended the stairs to satisfy our mid night cravings by sharing a plate of hot Maggi in the amazing Bangalore weather. Thanks to the late night cafeteria, that helped us celebrate our little success.

A day in SIBM Bengaluru provides you with a myriad of opportunities, each experience bringing with it a fresh learning. On one hand, the interactive classroom exercises induces healthy competition amongst students, and teaches key aspects of management such as team building and quick decision making abilities. On the other hand, the committees and clubs of the college help in the holistic nurturing of the personality of an individual. They not only inculcate profound values of leadership but also hone your managerial skills.

Each day in SIBM-B is a journey in itself. A journey full of challenges peppered with plethora of new opportunities to transform a person into a better individual, with a fresh and broader outlook towards business and life.

As I decided to call it a day, it was time to hit the hay, to catch a few hours of sleep before starting a new one.


About the Author:
Written by V. Harshita
(Batch 2017-2019)

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