I did my summer internship in Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited, Bangalore and I was deployed into “Global Mobility Management” project of HR operations. The internship duration is from April 10 2017- June 20 2017.

When it comes to organization’s culture and work environment, I would say that Bosch is a wonderful company to work with. The project team members and the managers were very friendly, co-operative and they have given me tremendous support in one or other ways. My reporting manager is kind and very polite in communicating with me. 

I think that internship is a great opportunity to learn. I was responsible in handling both Inbound and outbound deputation process and involved in performing tasks such as online registration of expatriates through Bureau of Immigration website, prepared information documents of 6 cities for expatriates who travels to India on work assignments, prepared PPT of global policy for short term VA assignments under RBEI location and completing all other tasks that I was assigned on time. It helped me strengthen my thinking process, people-managing skills, time management skills, etc.

Well, I say that the learning at work during internship in Bosch means a lot to me and it definitely adds value to my profile. Moreover, I have got some wonderful memories to take away within short period of time and had made some good friends with whom I worked closely.  

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