After spending over 13 years in two IT companies in a variety of roles and wearing many hats, I decided it was time to move on. With a passion for Aviation and Marketing, I thought it is best to marry the two sometime, and what better place to do so than with an MBA? I did not want to move to a 2-year certification as it would have meant too much time out of the job market, and when I heard of MYRA, I jumped at the chance. 

I fulfilled the responsibilities of many a job profile – from being a Customer Service Representative to an Accounts Receivable Analyst, from being a Voice and Accent Trainer to a Pre-Sales and Marketing lead. I figured the best thing to do next was to hone my skills in Marketing and build on the limited knowledge I had gleaned in my one year stint in Pre Sales. I then proceeded to read up on MYRA and about the alumni who had cleared the one-year PGPX program, and it was immediately evident to me that studying here would indeed be a privilege. 

MYRA School of Business is a young, dynamic and one of a kind institution that prides itself on being a boutique B-School. That is, not everything is etched in stone here. A lot of things can be changed, and are indeed changed for the better. The curriculum is revised regularly, the faculty is top-notch, and everyone, from the people who support day to day operations in the back end to the drivers, is aware they are part of something special. And that inevitably rubs on to us. I have no doubt that I am part of something that will change my life forever. It is one thing to go back to School on the wrong side of 35, and it is entirely a different thing to find someone who understands why I did so. At MYRA, I find that I am surrounded by friends and family. 

I am a Mumbaikar. MYRA’s campus is located in Mysore, but not once do you actually miss home, as you feel you are at home. The icing on the cake is that Mysore is a great place to live, and is the cultural and historical center of Karnataka. You do not think you are away from home as there is a multitude of things to do here – you just need to make the time to do them. Yes, it is a rigorous year, but change is seldom easy. And the faster you appreciate that the more you can move forward. I am grateful to MYRA for providing me the opportunity to make a difference, and I shall do so, with its blessing

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