The beginning of the new decade heralds opportunities for humans to further dive deep into futuristic technologies, but nobody had imagined that students would be attending a B-School virtually from the year 2020 itself! For the uninitiated, the virtual experience has been extremely useful in guiding us towards tackling new challenges, and as they say- Managers’ competence is tested by their ability to face challenges and SIBM Bengaluru provided just the right support to make the transition seamless.

The MBA journey this year began straight with a case-study challenge called ‘Xplore India 2020’ which was followed by submissions and presentations to the faculty. Following this, we were formally welcomed by various industry specialists in our Annual Corporate Induction, wherein we were exposed to knowledge from leaders with a gamut of experiences that ranged from Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Analytics.

It was everything that an MBA aspirant could dream of! The opportunity that SIBM Bengaluru gave us by introducing us to 25+ companies and 30+ speakers during the two-week-long induction programme proved to be a great push.

This was followed by the rigorous MBA schedule comprising competitions, presentations, and submissions that tested us on our managerial abilities. Soon came the much-needed breather in the form of Utopia ’20 – our annual international cultural festival that unites people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and gives them a unique platform to showcase their talents.

This year students participated from the length and the breadth of our country and performed not only to impress but to express themselves through various cultural and literary events. Even amidst the tight schedules of an MBA, our days are filled with excitement as now and then, we know there is going to be a gateway that opens to us an entirely new set of events.

Apart from that, peer-to-peer interaction here at SIBM Bengaluru is very welcoming, as the institute believes in a student-centric culture. This means that all activities are organised by the students themselves, which translates into a healthy interaction among batch mates and seniors.

To give a glimpse, our interaction officially began with a fun-filled ice-breakers session where our seniors came up with great ideas and games to break the ice and make the newly inducted junior batch feel more comfortable and at ease. The various fun sessions and activities that ensued helped us in forging an unimaginable bond. We honestly can’t wait to meet them in person on our campus in Electronic City. Until then, this virtual is our reality and we can proudly say ‘V R’ future-ready! 

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