In the world of advanced industrialization, there is a need for proficient hands to handle the challenges and convolutions of Engineering. So, it leads to immense opportunities for the candidates intending to begin their career as a Junior Engineer.

For reducing the confusion and anxiety, we have jotted down some areas that are discussed most for comparison in the examination. Candidates aspiring for both exams should read the complete discussion provided below as it will be helpful for them in deciding the best opportunity for them.


  1. RRB JE is a computer-based exam.
  2. There are about 150 MCQ questions
  3. Questions are included from the aptitude section and engineering branches
  4. Selection limited to area wise
  5. Selection rate from 100-300 from thousands of candidates

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  1. SSC JE is partially computer-based exam and partially offline based.
  2. MCQ question test along with a written exam
  3. Questions are from candidate stream only.
  4. All India Based exam, posting can be done anywhere.
  5. Selection rate from 100-200 out of thousands of candidates.

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The pay-out for both is the same within the range of Rs. 9,500 to 34,800. SSC JE has job opening CPWD, MES, and Postal departments. RBR JE job opening would be to TRD, IT, workshop, P-way, and bridge. The nature of the job is not fixed, it depends where your posting is done. RRB JE does not have better housing for their employees while SSC JE has far better housing options. The growth is limited in RRB JE while SSC JE gives you option for higher education and promotions.

SSC JE or RRB JE – Which Profile is the Best and Why?

Both the organizations, SSC and RRB conduct accomplishment programmes to fill the vacancies of Junior Engineers. SSC (Staff choice Commission) conducts SSC Junior Engineer examination and RRB (Railway accomplishment Board) conducts RRB Junior Engineer examination.

Candidates World Health Organization square measure aspiring the post of Junior Engineers square measure showing in each the exams. The confusion concerning the selection between SSC JE and RRB JE arises after they qualify each the exams.

As it is extremely troublesome to create an alternative between SSC JE examination and RRB JE examination, we are here sharing the specific areas of comparison that could make it easy for you to settle on anyone of them.


RRB JE & SSC JE comparison:

This computer-based test. This is partially computer-based examination.
There are 150 MCQ questions. This is also MCQ asked question test followed by the written test.
Questions are confined from aptitude and common engineering branches too. Questions are asked from the candidate branch only.
Candidates can apply only area wise. For example, if you have filled the form from Bhubaneswar, then after selection process is done, you will definitely be posted in the same location. While this is an all India based examination and you will be posted at anyplace in the country randomly.
Candidates selection rate is around 200 out of total thousands of candidates. In SSC-JE, the rate is low i.e. about 100 out of total thousands of candidates.
While in RRB JE, you can be shifted to TRD, IT, workshop, P-Way and bridge. Through SSC JE, it may vary, and you may get posted in departments like CPWD, MES and postal departments.
Housing facilities provided Housing Due to frequent loss in this department, they are not in a situation to provide better housing for its employees.
You will be offered 1st class AC fare and other discounts on railway tickets as well. You will get airfare one time in a year for spending vacation any place in India.
It involves a lot of field work. Whereas it is totally office-based job.
Growth It offers very limited growth. SSC JE offers you leave for higher education so that you can be further promoted.


Based on the comparison between SSC JE and RRB JE, you can come to an interpretation to select suitable field and work. Both the work profiles have their own edges and drawbacks that you just are knowing by experiencing them.

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