9 Genres of Management Courses Designed For Aspirants of 2020

The survival of a company in a competitive market depends on its management team. The crucial decisions taken by the team are all that matters.

This is why a company recruits different types of management executives who are well trained and experienced. This has led to the foundation of different types of management courses. 

It surely becomes over will be for the management aspirants to choose a proper course. To make it easier, here is a list of MBA degrees one can choose from.

  • Full-time management courses

Full-time MBA courses have a duration of 1 to 2 years. In these courses, candidates have to follow a strict regime of classroom sessions and assignments. These courses also come with an internship program conducted by the colleges.

  • Part-time Management courses

Part-time management courses, on the other hand, are completed in three years. due to the current requirement of management professionals, many colleges offer such courses with a duration of 1.5 years. These are also termed as part-time executive management courses. 

  • Distance-learning management courses

These courses are designed for professionals who are currently working and aspire to be management professionals. The course material is sent to an assigned address. The aspirants have to appear physically for exams in the chosen centers conducted by the respective institutes. 

  • Blended distance learning management courses

 Blended learning is a unique curriculum where an institute provides online classes on the weekdays and ask the candidates to attend physical classes on the weekend.

The weekend classes are designed to meet your mentors and classmates for debates, discussions, case studies, exchanging ideas, etc. These mixed sessions provide convenience, as well as, a good platform to acquire knowledge for professionals.

  • Online management courses

As the name suggests, these courses are designed to provide online classes, e-study material, etc for the development of a candidate. In this curriculum, a candidate will not have to visit the campus at all.

Online management courses are becoming increasingly popular these days as students become more independent in learning, managing time and resources well, and develop industry-related skills by themselves. In fact, employers acknowledge these MBAs equal to the traditional ones. 

  • Executive management programs

The prime criterion of an executive MBA program is experience. The colleges set a parameter regarding experience (5-10 years) for choosing eligible candidates for the program. The courses are designed either full-time or on a part-time basis and duration varies on the curriculum chosen.

  • Joint management programs

This type of management courses is conducted by two or more management institutes to add more weight to the degree. In fact, the aspiring candidates choose these programs to build a better network by attending classes in the institutes.

These courses offer a diverse platform for gathering knowledge via classroom sessions, conferences, seminars, etc. Mainly indigenous and international colleges collaborate to design such courses.

  • Double management degree courses

In this management course, a candidate enrolls in two different institutes to pursue the same degree with different or same specializations. A dual MBA degree is double-challenging than the conventional courses mentioned above.

It requires huge dedication and perseverance from your side. You will have to be an exceptional planner with brilliant academic skills to handle the pressure.

  • Modular executive MBAs   

A modulated management course is designed to deliver more convenience to the students. If you are busy in your professional life or pursuing some other academic courses, you can choose this degree course.

Here, you will not have to attend weekend classes either. You will have to attend seminars, practical courses, and seminars once or twice a week at an interval of a few months. This MBA duration varies from one to two years. You can also enroll in student exchange programs.

This modular course is designed in such a way that every few months, you will cover a module extensively.

These are the type of MBA courses prevalent in the market. Choose a course wisely considering your current and future engagements.  

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