20 Things That Make MICA Special- Part B

11. Nature

A green campus on the outskirts of the city
comes with its own share of fauna. Peacocks crow you asleep and wake you up in
morning with their raucous cries. Seeing a child sized Langur ambling by is a
common occasion. The students have even adopted a cat into the MICAn community,
and we’re pretty sure that there are thrice as many squirrels on campus as
there are humans!

12.  Pedagogy

MICA may have long working hours, but
there’s seldom anything like simply listening to a lecture. Classes at MICA are
composed of role plays, demonstrations, group exercises, simulations and other
activities designed to inculcate better skills and impart knowledge about real
life scenarios.

13. Friendly Support

Be it at the Mess, Chhota canteen or the
cleaning staff of each hostel, the support staff at MICA have become like
family to the students on campus. These smiling faces are there for our every
need – Thankur Chacha at the gate, Ankita Didi for our parlour needs, Paras
Bhai for the laundry and the host of “auto wale bhaiyyas” to take us wherever
we want to go, no matter how late or how far.

14. Name-Your-Own-Recipe

One way to get immortalised at MICA? If
you’re a gourmand and you have that perfect recipe you always wanted to share
with the world, then not only will the canteen make it for you, but also name
it after you! From “Uchil” Burgersto “Anand” fried rice to the zesty “Aneesh”
Parathas, some delicacies have a history and are indigenous only to this

15. Walls as an expression

The white walls in hostel rooms are never
simply walls. Splash it with paint, adorn it with lights or fill it up with
posters, quotes or poetry, the walls are one way of letting out your creativity
and telling the world who you are.

16. Digital is the

So maybe MICAns live and breathe “digital”.
Be it committee campaigns, projects, or social media experiments, MICA is never
quiet online. Scheduled entries, blogposts, trending tweets and promotions or
videos – we do it all, and with unmatched style and panache!

17. MICAFE Area

It is a busy place to socialise in the
mornings and a quiet place to catch some alone time at night. With open air
stages for impromptu performances/activities, circular benches to share the
latest gossip with your friends and the smiling Abhishek Bhai to serve you cups
of coffee between classes, the MICAFE area is one of the most popular places on

18. Special Guests

MICA plays host all year round to various
guests – both in the management industry and also in the artistic sphere. From
the CEOs of major corporations to start-up stars to actors, theatre
personalities, authors and musicians, we have been graced with the presence of
those who are the best in their fields. Drama groups, music marketers and
silver screen stars have all walked these halls and interacted with the

19. Social Commitment

For all that we do in the academic and
cultural sphere, MICA never forgets that the triple bottom line involves both Planet
and People, not only Profit. With our won social service wing, community radio
and various other initiatives streamlined to help people and the planet, we
believe in contributing in our own little way to make the world a better place.

20. …and finally, the

None of what makes MICA special could ever
be special without its people. Whether it is faculty with their years of
experience and wealth of information, or the students who are each different in
their own way, MICA is a vibrant place with cartloads of human capital. It is
easy to see why we are, after all, the “School of Ideas!”

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