20 Things That Make MICA Special- Part A

1. Chhota

The go-to place for all your post midnight
cravings, Chhota Canteen is an integral part of any MICAn’s daily schedule.
There’s nothing like a “Cold Coffee, Strong Wali” or a “Tadka Maggi” to chase
away all your blues. With lanterns, charpais and smiling faces all around, Chhota
is a haven to chill amidst the bustling life on campus.

2. The Mani Ayer Auditorium “Audi”

It is one of the oldest buildings on
campus, but it has got a new world charm. No restricting gallery of chairs –
only colourful cushions to sit on. This is where events at MICA unfold, be it
academic or extra-curricular and been host to many industry veterans and doyens
of popular culture.


The Knowledge Exchange and Information Centre
or KEIC, in short, is the one place where students escape into the quiet world
of academia and literature. Always brightly lit and welcoming everyone 24X7,
the walls of KEIC have eavesdropped on many projects, inspired ideas and

4. Trees

What’s special about the trees in MICA?
Just that they are a novel way of honouring the special guests we receive on
campus. The MICA Campus gets greener every year with our guests or faculty
planting a tree in their names. And we are sure that it is always wonderful for
them to see how the tree has grown on their subsequent visits.  

5. Red Bricks

The institute possesses a rustic charm
which can be attributed to the red brick walls. These walls symbolise strength
and transparency, unmasked by external airs and staying true to what you
believe in. In places, they are canvasses for creativity but in others they
take on a sombre and strong presence.

6. Diversity

With every festival celebrated, and every
type of cuisine prepared in the mess, it is no herculean task to imagine how
diverse MICA is, in terms of both students and faculty. Almost every Indian
state is represented which serves as a learning experience and brings in a
variety of new ideas. Another special way in which MICA is diverse is that it
maintains a near 50-50 sex ratio among students admitted into the institute –
that too by default and not by design. It has recently included the Third
Gender in the admission process for the 2015 intake of its programmes.

7. Courses

This is what MICA is best known for- the
various courses offered the new learning opportunities and the balance of
hardcore management subjects with those that will help students understand the
people and the world around them better. With courses like “Imagining India”,
“Film Studies” and “Science, Technology and Society”, a cultural perspective is
provided which leads to a more holistic understanding and leads to all-round

8. Sports

On any day, however rigorous the schedule,
the “baddie court” in MICA is one place that is never empty.  One keeps checking emails for “Footy under
lights, 9:00pm” or “Table Tennis at Community Centre, now!” because sports
matters at MICA and is one passion that is evident in everyone on campus.

9. Hostel Spirit

The MICA hostel blocks are abuzz with
activity all through the night. Hostels here are named after various trees and
flowers and the denizens of each are fiercely protective of their living
spaces. Inter-hostel activities and competition happen with much pomp and
pride, and even intra-hostel wars are fought and won. As they say, “Glory to
the Mighty!”

10. Graffiti

The biggest plus point of having red brick
walls is that they serve as perfect canvasses for expressions of creativity.
The hostels are replete with Graffiti that ranges from hand prints to quotes to
entire wall-sized murals. The graffiti and the stories they tell of the
previous batches are an integral part of the MICA Culture.

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