International School of Business & Media – Interview with Dr. Pramod Kumar

Q1. What is the importance of
behavioral science in a world that is asking for more BIG Data?

Pleasure of driving a BMW is when you drive your-self, not when you hire
a driver
. Big data is only an analytical tool & industry where
you generate reports for decision makers. If you want to be a MBA who aspires
to be a decision maker, learn the courage of risky decisions. Your personal
ability to handle business will always put you ahead on professional track. If
you look at global trends in executive training, over 65-70% budget is
allocated to behavioral training and only 30- 35% on technology and analytical
tool training. Big data industry is going to be another IT like industry that
hire programmers like they buy onions & potatoes. Very few build a
real-time business career. Big data industry will come up with large number of
jobs in data analysis, what career should be anyone’s guess!

Q2. What are the changes you have
seen amongst the skill sets required by corporate from MBA grads?

Companies these days have more
emphasis on aptitude test, psychological test and also past academic results
which was not the case few years back. Academic performance, however, is not a
primary recruitment parameter for most companies. It gets as an easy way to
shortlist if number of students is very large. If you are a strong candidate
with reasonably good academic record, you stand a high chance of being
recruited by MNCs especially, provided the campus where you study MBA has the
ability to handle respectable campus placement. You need to be good. A dull and
docile high academic record guy stands very poor chances on placement. If guy
advises you the academics is all that matters, he either does not know or is
clearly misguiding you.

Your attitude, openness to new
experiences, self-motivation, assertiveness, courage to make decisions, ability
to deal with tough situations and intellectual capability such as ability to
think counts more.

Q3. What are the areas that an
MBA grad should focus beyond his or her curriculum?

People are the greatest asset for business and are also the biggest pain to deal with. While industry pays high for talented
professionals, they also have a voluntary retirement plans for low productive
employees even when they may have been with the company for several years. Remember,
a horse is hard working and a dog is
loyal. You decide, as a good MBA, you want to be a horse or a dog.

If you look at HR philosophy of top
companies, esp. MNCs, they profess “Hire
for attitude and pay for skill.”  You
need to learn to be ambitious – do you have fire in your belly, as they call it.
Several MBAs and aspirants, do not see MBA as an aspirational career. It’s not
only a means to a job. A person without aspirations and self-motivation is
rarely talented. You can’t motivate a dead body. Are you a livewire?

Many a times, I hear MBAs saying –
I want to be happy. Remember, everyone is happy – you can see poorest and
disadvantaged laughing and jumping, and richest in cardiac unit of hospital,
well some in jail also. Remember, MBA is about business, money, cars, five-star
hotels & life-style.  Ensure you
learn it be it at home or college. If your college does not teach you to
aspire, it’s bad. To learn marketing theories, buy Kotler’s book and mug it up.

Suit your aspiration and work hard.

Q4. Who is an ideal candidate for

Candidate will be someone who has

Good learning attitude

Decent academic record.

Openness to new experiences&
explore life

We like risk takers even if you
can go wrong, no risk is irretrievable as long as you live.

You of course need a decent
CAT/ XAT score.

Q5. What is your suggestion to
someone who is looking at applying to ISB&M?

Nothing just apply.By all means,
it’s a great decision. Any advice to contrary will be only by an ignorant or a
broker who has negotiated your price elsewhere. Explore about ISB&M,
understand and take your call. At ISB&M, your career can never fail unless
you are determined to fail yourself. If we can’t build your career, we will not
admit you. We are friendly and professionally stringent. If you can handle life
that way, you are our choice.

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