The global pandemic has caused a devastating stir in regular work environments. The corporate and professional sectors have witnessed massive downfalls in growth, and numerous companies are on the verge of becoming stagnant.

The aftermaths of COVID-19 have pushed people to upskill themselves and mould their business models according to the immediate requirements.

Hiring in times of COVID-19

The professional and corporate world we knew of is now nowhere to been seen. The pandemic has caused a massive blow to major work policies and strategies. Therefore, existing business practices require polishing and better approaches.

Hiring is another key aspect that has been worked upon post the pandemic lockdown. Companies are slowly getting back on their feet and adopting both works from home and in-office work practices.

As per the current situation, it is estimated that hiring activities like recruiting, interviewing, or onboarding will be carried out through virtual modes. Therefore, it is essential to know how to outshine in an interview session and how to grab the best job position you were looking forward to.

Hiring managers are expected to onboard aspirants who can provide better approaches to the business, modify policies, be a top-notch leader, and much more.

However, the pandemic situation requires a specific behavioural outlook towards the prevailing situation. Hence, major interviews would focus on how an individual can effectively handle work amidst a pandemic.

To stand out from the rest of the appearing candidates, it is vital to prepare yourself with impressive answers to the interview questions.

Here is a curated list or prominent questions that can be asked during an interview session.

  1. How comfortable are you with work from home policy?

Remote working has already attained the title of “new normal”; therefore, major companies have adapted to this policy for providing a healthy atmosphere for their employees. However, remote working was never experienced by professionals before.

For the foreseeable future, major companies require a candidate who can work from home effectively. Therefore, it is essential to develop an organized plan while operating from home. Moreover, when this question pops up, the interviewer must know how to comfortable managing work from home.

A candidate must consider emphasizing on the feasibility and flexibility with work from home activities. Adaptability and willingness to maintain a smooth flow work while a remote operation is the key to grabbing the desired job.

  1. How do you manage to stay motivated while remote working?

Remote working may hinder your motivation and push you towards unsatisfied work results. Demonstrating a candidate’s work ethics over a virtual platform is a hideous job. However, a candidate must be confident enough to provide an exceptional answer to this question. Motivation is the driving force while working for an organization.

Therefore, it is vital to know how a person develops an extraordinary motivational drive to produce the required output. Understanding the culture and goals of the organization may help you in understanding what they require out of a candidate.

  1. How do you carry out remote working tasks or projects?

Remote working requires a well-structured approach to completing daily tasks. A candidate must be able to describe his remote working set-up and how work will be carried out. Moreover, interviewers often look for candidates who are well-settled and have a healthy working environment around them.

A dedicated workspace, reliable and secured internet connection, adequate devices, etc. must be presented for effective results. Moreover, if you have remotely worked previously, then that would add to a better result. Also, a prospective candidate must be able to make the interviewer believe that he will be able to deliver the work before deadlines.

  1. How do you manage your emotional wellbeing amidst the pandemic?

The isolation while remote working has made candidates vulnerable to stress issues. Therefore, a candidate must be able to cope up with stress problems effectively. An organization will never want an employee to work amidst stress problems.

Workers who can adapt well the remote working policies, manage stress effectively, and keep moving forward are required by major developing companies. The employees form the core of the organization; therefore, they must be in the correct state of mind while working from home. Prospective employees must work practically and handle stressful situations and other circumstances with ease.

  1. Can you utilize your technological flexibility as an attribute for the organization?

Prominent companies are constructing a well-established technological system for better workflow. Remote working requires a flexible and smooth digital communication system that connects employees and employers easily.

Moreover, digital approaches, while remote working, will help in developing better strategies and work structures. Therefore, a candidate’s technological savvy will help in providing better attributes to the organization. A prominent candidate must leverage his technological feasibility for enhanced productivity and efficient results.

  1. How have you been managing your time during isolation?

A candidate’s activity pattern during the pandemic isolation portrays how he is a perfect fit for the job. Therefore, a candidate must be ready to provide an effective answer to this question.

Do you spend most of your time scrolling through your phone? Or do you spend time watching television for numerous hours? Well, the answer to these questions speaks a lot about the behaviour and personality of a candidate.

Explain to your interviewer how well you are using your time and investing in your career. Participation in virtual networking projects or volunteering activities will help in adding bonus points to your interview.

Accurate and impressive answers to these questions will help a prospective candidate stand out from the rest of the aspirants. However, technical knowledge of the work is also essential. Polishing your skills and working on your abilities will help you in receiving outshining results.

Moreover, the pandemic requires to enhance approaches and top-notch strategies to bring the best to the table. Experience of supportive online courses, freelance projects, etc. can also help in delivering the required outputs.

An ideal candidate is one who can Illustrate himself as an efficient person who inherits knowledge and experience of multiple aspects and can re-shape himself according to the requirements of the company.

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