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  Kanpur   AICTE, MHRD   ESTD 1959


Scholarship at IIT Kanpur

As one of India’s top engineering institutes, IIT Kanpur offers a wide range of programmes to students. To help students financially, numerous scholarships are available to first-year students at IIT Kanpur. Aside from the institute’s scholarships, there are several other options for financial aid and scholarships offered by alumni. Some of the most well-known scholarships at IIT Kanpur are listed below.

Scholarships for Merit Cum:

  • The Merit Cum Means Scholarship is awarded based on the students’ merits in the entrance exams or last qualification.
  • The scholarship provides students with a full tuition waiver as well as INR 1000 in pocket money per month.
  • A candidate must have maintained a minimum CPI of 6.5 to be eligible for the MCM scholarship, and if the minimum CPI falls, the monthly pocket money will be withdrawn.
  • Candidates belonging to the SC/ST category or candidates whose annual parental income is less than 4.5 lakhs can apply for the MCM Scholarship.

Scholarship INSPIRE:

  • Students of B.S programmes with an ALL INDIA RANK (AIR) of 10,000 as per the Common Merit LIST (CML) in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics can apply for the INSPIRE Scholarship offered by IIT Kanpur.
  • Students are awarded an annual scholarship of INR 30,000 per semester (INR 60,000 annually), as well as a research grant of INR 20,000.
  • The scholarship, however, is merit-based, and students must have maintained a minimum CPI of 6.0.
  • In order to apply for this scholarship, students must also submit an undertaking to the SSPC that they will not receive any other scholarship during the semester.

Scholarship for Sports:

  • Students who have excelled in campus sports events and activities are eligible for the Sports Scholarship.
  • Every year, IIT Kanpur offers a maximum of 20 scholarships worth INR 1000 for 9 months.

External Financial Assistance

  • Students who are unable to obtain institute scholarships are encouraged to apply for various other external scholarships.
  • External scholarships are generally available through various government of India schemes.
  • As part of the Prime Minister’s Digital India Program, the Government of India has launched the National Scholarship Portal for students across the country.

Scholarship for Donors:

IIT Kanpur offers several Donor Scholarships based on a specific department or a minimum CPI of 6.0 to assist meritorious and needy students. The table below includes a list of some of the Donors Scholarships as well as their selection criteria.

Name of Donors Scholarship 

Selection Criteria 

Babu Ram Jain and Mrs. Shanti Jain Memorial Scholarship 

1st year UG student of any engineering department based on the lowest TFAI. Also, the student should not be getting any other scholarship.

Balajit and Nirmal Dhindsa Scholarship 

1st year UG student of BSBE department based on the highest CPI.

Kinra Scholarship 

1st year UG student of ME department based on the minimum CPI of 6.0

Kunta Jha Scholarship

A UG Student in a 4 year or 5-year program of any department based on the minimum CPI of 6.0

Mathur Brother Scholarship 

1st year UG student of any department based on JEE-AIR. The student should be of General Category and must have studied in non-English medium school.

Prof. CNR Rao Science Talent Scholarship 

UG student in 4-year or 5-year program of chemistry department based on MCM-Donor criteria.

Shanti and Ramkishore Sahai Saxena Memorial Scholarship 

1st year UG student of any department based on JEE-AIR.

A Shrimati Madhuri Dubey Scholarship 

Any UG or PG Student of any department based on the MCM Donor Criteria. 

FAQs on IIT Kanpur Scholarships

Q. Am I eligible for a scholarship to IIT Kanpur?

Ans. IIT Kanpur provides a variety of scholarships to its students in order to financially support them and reduce their other academic expenses. The institute’s popular scholarship programmes include the Merit Cum Means Scholarship, Sports Scholarship, and INSPIRE Scholarship.

Q. How do I apply for an IIT scholarship?

Ans. To be eligible for scholarships at IITs, a candidate must meet minimum eligibility criteria such as a CPI of 6.0 or a high JEE exam score. A student’s parental annual income should be less than INR 4.5 lakhs for some of the scholarships.

Q. Can I study for free at IIT?

Ans. Only the most deserving students with the highest entrance examination scores are eligible for a full tuition fee waiver. Other academic expenses, such as books, should be covered solely by the students.