Calicut University, Calicut Campus Facilities

  Calicut   NAAC, State University   ESTD 1968
  Calicut   NAAC, State University   ESTD 1968

Campus Facilities

Calicut University Campus Facilities

Calicut University address is located in Tirur, Calicut Road, Thenhipalam in Kerala. It was established in 1968. It is the largest university in Kerala.

Calicut University has a Computer Centre which houses the ICT related services and offers some major digital services including Wi-Fi services, Digital Document Filing System, admission or allotment related services, examination, biometric punching and networking.

It has a digital library that offers multiple services like reference Collection or service, book lending service, reprographic service, information service because it has a large collection of bibliographies of different types and a new collection of books added to the library.

There is a Botanical Garden within the university, which was established in the year 1971. The botanical garden houses Arboretum, Aroids, Aquatic plants, Bamboo Setum, Bryophytes, Cacti & Succulents house, Ferns and Fern Allies, Ginger house, Wild bananas, Gymnosperms, Medical plants, Orchidarium, Ornamental plants, Mushrooms & other microfungi, Spices, Trees and lianas, Trekking path, Green earth and touch and feel valley for visually impaired.

Calicut University campus has an Observatory of its own kind, named Madhava observatory. There are Central Sophisticated Instrument Facilities made available by the university provided with a wide range of instruments used for different physical and chemical analysis, precision chemical analysis, materials characterisation and computational analysis.

Apart from that, the university has a University park, University museum and a Science & Instrumentation Center for the students.