BITSAT Exam Pattern 2019

BITSAT 2019 Exam Pattern

The exam pattern for the year 2019 is not yet officially declared. Below is the exam pattern for the year 2018. Mostly there will not be any changes. However the candidate will have to check the official website.

Mode of examination

The test is conducted in a fully computerized mode. In the Computer-based online test (CBT), the candidate should answer the questions displayed in the monitor using keyboard and mouse in the respective test centers. The candidate can choose the test center, date, and session based on his/ her choice.

About the exam

  • The question sets will be different for each candidate.
  • The questions will be allotted randomly from a huge question bank. All the question sets will have the same difficulty level.
  • The medium of instruction is English.

Exam format

  • The exam is conducted for 3 hours at a stretch without any break.
  • It has four parts with a total of 150 questions.
  • The questions are based on multiple choice type. The candidate will have to choose one correct option among the four options.
  • Each question will carry 3 marks and for the wrong answer penalty of 1 mark will be deducted. When the question is left unanswered, there will not be any marks given.
  • While answering the questions, the candidate can skip some questions and answer later. There is no time limit for each part separately.
  • When the candidate answers all the questions without skipping, he/she will be able to answer 12 extra questions from physics, chemistry and biology/maths; 4 questions from each part.
  • Preferring to answer extra questions will disable the candidate to go back for correcting the answer during the course of the exam.
  • Answering the extra questions will provide the chance of scoring higher but negative marks are provided for the wrong options.

The following table explains the subject wise mark allotment.

I Physics 40
II Chemistry 40
III a) English Proficiency 15
b) Logical reasoning 10
IV Maths /Biology (for B.Pharm) 45

Preparation Tips

  • For any competitive exams, calm mind and sound health are the prime factors. Good sleep is necessary for our body to do any job without stress.
  • The smarter you plan, easier will be the preparation. Learn to manage the time for making an effective preparation.
  • To avoid last-minute chaos the candidate must get the things ready in advance, which has to be carried to the exam hall like pen, hall ticket.
  • The questions will be based mostly on the NCRET syllabus. So the candidate who is studying in the central government board need not spend a lot of time preparing for BITSAT. But at the same time, they shouldn’t be lethargic.
  • The candidates from other board should take a lot of care in preparing for BITSAT.
  • English proficiency carries 15 marks, so one shouldn’t miss marks in that part. Constant practice in the language will make the job simpler and easier.
  • There is mark allotment even for logical reasoning. Allocation of time on a daily basis to prepare that part will make you confident during the time of examination.
  • Keeping a note on formulas, facts and theorem will help to make a quick revision at the last minute.
  • Keep in mind that when extra questions are answered, there will be a chance of getting a higher So aim for answering all the extra 12 questions to stand tall in the merit list. At the same time don’t do guess work since it may hail you negative marks.
  • Constant practice is necessary. So take up lots of mock tests to reach higher. Don’t lose heart when you make mistakes or score low in the mock test because PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT.
  • Apart from all the above points, the presence of mind in the exam hall will ease the job.