BITS Pilani will conduct Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test (BITSAT) for the admission to first degree programmers at BITS – Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad. It is essential that the candidates should begin the preparations for the exam as early as possible.

Preparation Tips

It is highly recommended that candidates should follow the tips and tricks for the successful selection in the examination. Below are the few tips and tricks for the successful preparation:

  1. Time Management – The most critical factor in development is the active time management. It is vital that candidate should be able to solve the questions accurately and quickly. It is highly recommended to make the proper schedule and give each subject a worthwhile time. Also, the candidate should spend only one minute per question.
  2. Syllabus – Candidates should note that the curriculum for the BITSAT is primarily focused on the conceptual problems. Candidates should prepare the scoring sections beforehand and solve those question which the candidate is confident and requires the least time to address them.
  3. Marking Scheme – Candidate should pay attention to the marking scheme. All the sections carry different marks and prepare the conceptual questions of all the articles. Candidates should not waste time on the items which they don’t know. Remember that each correct answer fetches three marks while each incorrect answer has a penalty of 1 mark for a wrong answer.
  4. Revision – Revise, Test and Repeat is the surest way to clear the examination. Candidates should have at least two or three months for the review. Candidates should regularly practice mock tests and previous year questions papers. This will help them to understand the pattern and also the strength and weakness in each section.
  5. Consistency – Another great tip is the consistent hard work and regular practice of the essential topics and syllabus for the examination. Being consistent in your practices is key to success in everything.
  6. Strength and Weakness – the Candidate, should prepare themselves according to their advantage and weakness. Therefore, it is essential to know the area of interest and the areas that need attention. Candidates should pay more attention to the areas that need improvement.
  7. Practice Online – It is highly recommended that the candidates practice the topics online as BITSAT is an online examination. There are various sample papers available online for the BITSAT examination and aspirants should practice a lot of sample papers online.
  8. Guidance – No one is perfect in studies, and everyone needs some advice from teachers or the students who have already cleared the examination. Candidates should seek guidance from the last year candidates for the tips and understanding the topic. They may take the coaching for the subjects that needs improvement.
  9. Conceptual Clarity – It is necessary that candidates must have the conceptual clarity of the topics in each issue. There is negative marking for each wrong answer so that candidates cannot take the risk of guesswork in the question paper. Candidates should not cram the concepts but instead, try and understand why the method is applied in a specific area.
  10. Determination – Last but the crucial thing is to have the high morale and commitment to clear the examination. Negative thinking and self-doubt are a definite way to fail the selection process. Positive thinking, hard work, and determination are the surest way to success.

Important Topics

Candidates should also know about the relevant topics for each subject for the better preparation of the examination. The few critical issues for each subject are as follows:

Physics Chemistry English Proficiency Logical Reasoning Mathematics
Units & Measurement States of Matter Grammar Verbal Reasoning Algebra
Work and Energy Atomic Structure Vocabulary Non – Verbal Reasoning Trigonometry
Waves Surface Chemistry Reading Comprehension Vectors
Current Electricity Electrochemistry Composition Statistics
Optics Chemical Kinetics Linear Programming
Magnetic Effect of Current Stereochemistry Mathematical Modelling
Rotational Motion Theoretical Principles of Experimental Chemistry Trigonometry
Electronic Devices Organic Compounds with Functional Groups Containing Oxygen and Nitrogen Differential Calculus


Though the candidates are advised to consult the NCERT books for better preparation. However, Candidates should refer to the following books as reference for the preparation of examination:

  1. Concepts of Physics which is written by HC Verma Vol I and Vol II
  2. Problems in General Physics written by IE Irodov
  3. Fundamentals of Physics Resnick by Halliday, Walker
  4. Advanced level Physics by Nelson and Parker
  5. Arihant Physics by DC Pandey
  6. Atkins Physical Chemistry
  7. Inorganic Chemistry by OP Tandon
  8. Physical Chemistry by N Awasthi
  9. BITSAT English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning by Disha Experts
  10. Wren and Martin to improve English
  11. The Pearson Complete guide to the BITSAT by One Learn Education
  12. BITSAT explorer book of any publication, preferably Arihant or MTG
  13. Higher Algebra written by Hall Knight + Bernard
  14. Problems in Calculus in One Variable Algebra by IA Maron
  15. A Complete Success Package for BITSAT written by Arihant with CD

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