Discover why climbing the corporate ladder might not be the only path to success. Join us for an insightful conversation challenging traditional career narratives by Mr Nitish Jain.


Welcome to the forefront of education evolution, where the saying “Education is the passport to the future” has never been more pertinent. As we navigate through an era where connectivity accelerates and boundaries diminish, preparing for tomorrow’s challenges begins today.

In today’s dynamic landscape, innovation and technological advancements are not just buzzwords; they’re the driving forces shaping our economies. From Artificial Intelligence to Machine Learning and generative models, recent trends are reshaping industries at lightning speed.

Amidst this whirlwind of change, business schools stand at a pivotal junction. How are they adapting to the rapid transformations of the modern world? To shed light on this question, we engaged in a candid conversation with Mr. Nitish Jain, Founder and President – SP Jain Group

SP Jain Global is a b-school renowned for its ability to not only keep pace with the latest trends but also pioneer innovations that mould future leaders. In this article, we delve into what lies ahead for the future of education and SP Jain’s unique perspective on navigating these uncharted waters.

Join us as we uncover the insights and key takeaways from our enlightening dialogue, exploring the exciting horizons of education and leadership in the 21st century.

SP Jain Global’s Two-Decade Of Success

  • With two decades in the industry, SP Jain has garnered remarkable success and set noteworthy benchmarks. What fueled your enduring commitment to pursue these opportunities throughout the past 20 years?

Ans: It’s common for many business schools to primarily emphasise their academic nature, which is certainly a crucial aspect. However, from my viewpoint, there’s sometimes an imbalance where theoretical concepts overshadow practical applications. When individuals enrol in a business school, they typically have aspirations of advancing their careers. There’s a quote by an American professor, Capozy, that resonates deeply with me: “Why  climb the corporate ladder when you can take the elevator?” This sentiment encapsulates our philosophy. 

We’re committed to providing our students with the tools and mindset needed for swift career progression. Through our distinctive curriculum, esteemed faculty, and innovative teaching methods, we strive to empower our students to rise quickly in their professional journeys. And I believe that this unique approach has been instrumental in our success.

  • ​​What do you consider to be the primary elements contributing to SP Jain’s impressive competitiveness and noteworthy global reputation?

Ans: In academia, the establishment of international campuses has become a common practice. Yet, often they merely serve as locations for studying abroad without truly delving into the intricacies of global business dynamics. However, We at SP Jain stand out by offering students a profound international experience. Take, for example, our London campus, where students are not just physically present in the UK but are fully immersed in its business landscape. They engage in hands-on projects with local companies, interact with guest speakers from the region, and absorb the nuances of British business practices. This holistic approach fosters a deep understanding of international business dynamics,  enriching their academic journey with real-world insights. In this regard, SP Jain is spearheading a new standard in global education, where academic rigour seamlessly merges with real-world applicability,  setting a precedent for future educational endeavours. 

  • Having spent two decades in the education space, with campuses in prominent cities and a global network of students and alumni, how would you articulate your journey?

Ans: It’s truly gratifying; traversing continents to meet our esteemed alumni evokes a sense of profound fulfilment. Witnessing their eloquence and maturity in discourse, coupled with an unwavering commitment to contribute, ignites a deep sense of pride. 

The recent inauguration of our London campus served as a testament to their unwavering support; despite the constraints of a weekday, their enthusiastic participation and offers of mentorship underscore their profound connection to SP Jain. Their fervent allegiance to our institution echoes through their eagerness to guide and train our students, a testament to the transformative impact our community fosters. Their narratives of personal transformation, intertwined with heartfelt gratitude towards faculty members who shaped their journey, resonate deeply. 

In this pivotal juncture, their role assumes paramount importance as we navigate the transition from mentorship to alumni stewardship. As the torchbearers of our legacy, their leadership will undoubtedly steer SP Jain Global towards new horizons while my role gracefully recedes into a supportive capacity, facilitating this seamless transition. 

Understand The Recruiter’s Requirements First! 

SP Jain Global stays connected with recruitment heads and industry experts to provide students with sought-after skills. In this image, we see Dr. Angelina Pramova, CESGA®, an expert in the international investment banking and fund industry, visited the SP Jain Global  Mumbai campus to address questions and share her expertise with alumni, students, and corporate guests.
  • Reflecting on SP Jain’s impressive performance in the recent 2023 placement drive, what key factors do you believe played a role in shaping students into highly sought-after candidates by recruiters?

Ans: What we do can be likened to reverse engineering the entire placement process. We dive deep into understanding what companies are after—whether it’s a knack for tech wizardry, the gift of gab, or a keen analytical mind. Once we’ve got that compass set, we chart a course for our students. For instance, if a company seeks candidates with strong technological skills, we facilitate certifications for our students in relevant areas. Similarly, we integrate critical thinking workshops into our curriculum and provide continuous communication training. Each student is assigned a dedicated mentor who focuses on honing the student’s communication skills, including accent refinement and business  English. 

In addition to technical training within the classroom, we emphasise professional development through our Professional Readiness Programme. This initiative, spearheaded by six full-time SP Jain Global faculty, offers personalised one-on-one coaching, workshops, and constructive feedback. Every aspect, from mock interviews to individualised assessments, is meticulously designed to ensure our students are exceptionally well-prepared upon graduation.

As a result, our graduates emerge not only with a solid foundation of technical knowledge but also with polished professional skills, surpassing the preparedness of many of their peers from the outside of our programme. 

  • How does SP Jain Global ensure that students acquire the skills currently sought after by the industry? 

Ans: We have a professional readiness programme that effectively prepares students for jobs. We equip our students for top positions. If a student doesn’t succeed in an interview, we gather detailed feedback from the recruiter on areas for improvement. This feedback is then integrated back into the PRP  programme, benefiting the next cohort. Through this feedback loop, our students’ training improves significantly. When companies hire our graduates, they often return because they appreciate the quality of students we provide, as well as their pre-defined skills. If they find students with expected skills at a school, they are more inclined to return. This is the relationship we have cultivated with these companies over several years. 

More than 50% of #ClassOf2023 secured international jobs, with top recruiters like Amazon, Asian Paints, Deloitte, and more. GMBA had highest CTC at NR 72.8 lakhs, while MGB recorded INR 48.8 lakhs.

Exploring The Tri-City Model With SP Jain Global 

  • With SP Jain Global’s unique ‘tri-city model’ distinguishing it from other institutions, how does the institution ensure a seamless transition for students moving between countries within this model?

Ans: The Tri-City model serves as an integral part of a student’s learning journey. Moving from one country to another entails obtaining visas, navigating different currencies, and adjusting to diverse environments. This process fosters valuable skills essential for thriving in a globalised world, where adaptability and resilience are paramount. Such experiences mirror the demands of working in a global company, where professionals may find themselves traversing multiple countries within short spans. Embracing discomfort and stepping outside one’s comfort zone is pivotal for personal growth and professional success. The Tri-City model facilitates this by immersing students in unfamiliar settings,  thereby broadening their perspectives and honing their abilities to thrive amidst diversity. 

Moreover, the model offers unparalleled opportunities for students to engage with local companies,  tapping into the unique business landscapes of each city. Faculty members hailing from these cities further enrich the learning experience, providing firsthand insights and connections that enhance students’ understanding of global business dynamics. Notably, the Tri-City model encompasses some of the world’s foremost commercial hubs, including Sydney, Singapore, Mumbai, Dubai, and London.  Experiencing these vibrant metropolises firsthand amplifies the educational journey, exposing students to diverse cultures, industries, and business practices. This multifaceted approach distinguishes the program, equipping graduates with the skills and perspectives needed to excel in today’s interconnected world.

  • SP Jain’ ‘s commitment to nurturing global leadership is apparent, especially through its tri-city model and comprehensive program components. From your standpoint, what do you consider to be the top three essential skills for individuals to thrive as leaders, both locally and globally?

Ans: In the dynamic landscape of today’s business world, it’s not just about ticking off technical skills; it’s about the essence of who you are. Picture this: humility becomes the crown jewel, teamwork is the beating heart, and leadership prowess sets the stage for success. As AI takes the reins on technical heavy lifting, what really steals the spotlight is you – your ability to articulate ideas, your knack for thinking on your feet, and your flair for innovation. These are the traits that big-name multinationals are clamouring for, and our students are primed to deliver. 

How Do You Choose The Right Business School?

SP Jain School of Global Management utilises innovative tools and technology to grant students access to its esteemed faculty across campuses. Through tools like ELO – virtual classroom, students can learn from the school’s top instructors regardless of their physical location.
  • What are the top three critical aspects that a student should take into account when deciding to pursue an MBA degree?

Ans: It’s fascinating how students often seek out shortcuts. They’ll size up a school based on its perceived brand value and then start lining up their options from A to B to C, almost like ticking items off a checklist. But what they often miss out on is the real essence of what a school has to offer—the nitty-gritty of its curriculum, the magic in its teaching methods, and the safety net of support it extends to its students. 

These things matter.  The calibre of the faculty, the buzz around student feedback on professors, the kind of projects that light up a classroom, and the doors that swing wide open for internships and training opportunities. Take SP Jain’s PRP programme, for instance. It’s a beast,  spanning a whole 12 months and stretching its arms across the globe with projects in various countries.  Can other schools match that? Maybe, but it’s worth checking. 

Our faculty? They’re rock stars, consistently pulling in ratings of 9 out of 10 from students. And our secret sauce? We ditch PowerPoint and dive headfirst into discussions, sparking critical thinking like fireworks on the Fourth of July. So, it’s all about the deep dive when it comes down to how students should make their decisions. They need to roll up their sleeves, chat with the Dean, and really get into the nitty-gritty of what a program offers. Sure, landing a job is important, but so is personal growth and skill development. It’s like choosing between fast food and a gourmet meal – both fill you up, but only one leaves you truly satisfied. So why settle for anything less than the entire buffet? 

The Meaning Of Success…

SP Jain Global boasts stellar success in the education sector with campuses in several cities worldwide, including Mumbai, Sydney, Singapore, Dubai, and now the newly opened SP Jain London School of Management. Hon. Nick Gibb, Former Minister of State at the Department of Education, and Lord Karan Bilimoria, President of the UK Council on International Student Affairs, graced the inauguration ceremony.
  • How do you define success? Be it personal or professional. 

Ans: At the heart of our endeavours lies a laser-sharp focus on steering our students toward top-tier employment prospects. It’s our North Star, our guiding light through the fog of challenges. While we have a bag of tricks to gauge our strides, our ultimate measure of success dances in harmony with our institution’s core ethos. 

If the pursuit of careers and job placements stands at the forefront of our purpose, it becomes imperative to measure our progress accordingly. Presently, we gauge success through indicators such as significant salary increments within a short span—witnessing a fivefold rise in salaries within just 12 months is particularly remarkable and almost feels like witnessing magic. This transformative leap in earning potential underscores the impact of our programs. 

However, when dissecting the realm of employment, we acknowledge the multitude of interconnected elements at play. Achieving desirable outcomes involves orchestrating a harmonious symphony of factors ranging from the calibre of our faculty to the relevance of our curriculum, the exposure we provide to our students, the quality of training, and the invaluable experience gained through collaborative endeavours. It’s crucial to understand that success in securing lucrative positions isn’t merely facilitated by personal connections or high-paying acquaintances; rather, it hinges on the merit and preparedness of our students. Our approach is dynamic and demands relentless focus. 

On a personal level, my commitment to overseeing our students’ progress is as rigorous as a meticulous academic researcher. I maintain a keen focus on their development, orchestrating interviews with the precision of a seasoned conductor, providing insightful feedback honed through scholarly scrutiny, and guiding our students to become formidable competitors in the challenging terrain of the job market. 

  • Beyond what we’ve covered, What other thrilling revelations does SP Jain Global have up its sleeve that our aspirant community should be excited about? 

Ans: Certainly, I concur. Our keen focus on technology is paramount in my assessment. Traditional educational paradigms, including those embraced by SP Jain, are gradually falling out of favour. The emergence of personalised learning heralds a transformative era in education. At SP Jain, we are steadfast in our commitment to invest in this progressive approach. This entails a deliberate exploration of various technological avenues, notwithstanding the possibility of encountering setbacks along the way.

Nonetheless, we harbour a steadfast conviction in the imperative nature of these explorations as they lay the groundwork for a more efficacious and cost-effective future of education. Our unwavering dedication to this cause remains resolute. Looking ahead, one can anticipate an influx of pioneering technologies emanating from our esteemed institution. 

In closing, as you prepare to embark on your MBA journey, remember that the SP Jain Global MBA  interview is not just a mere formality; it’s a crucial step towards realising your aspirations and charting a course towards success. With SP Jain’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovative programs,  and global recognition, you have the opportunity to join a community of trailblazers, innovators, and future leaders. 

As you navigate the interview process, let your passion, determination, and unique perspective shine through. Embrace the challenges as opportunities for growth, and showcase your readiness to make a meaningful impact in the dynamic world of business.

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