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Embark on an inspiring journey through the success stories of FORE School of Management graduates, featuring alumni Adarsh Kumar, Kush Mehra, and Rishi Aggarwal from the esteemed FORE MBA batch. Discover how their education at FORE paved the way for remarkable achievements and career milestones, offering insights into the transformative power of a management education at FORE.


In the dynamic realm of higher education, the significance of alumni networks transcends mere reminiscence; they stand as pillars of strength, propelling institutions towards excellence and their graduates towards unparalleled success. Embarking on a transformative voyage through the narratives of accomplishment, we delve into the illustrious tapestry of achievements woven by the graduates of the FORE School of Management.

Welcome to “Forging Futures: A Journey Through the Success Stories of FORE School of Management Graduates,” where each anecdote illuminates the profound impact of a robust alumni network. As we navigate through these tales of triumph, we uncover the invaluable role played by connections forged within the corridors of learning, resonating far beyond graduation day. Join us as we unravel the threads of inspiration, resilience, and camaraderie that bind together the past, present, and future of FORE’s esteemed community.

Adarsh Kumar – Managing Director & CEO, We Win Limited (India’s Leading BPO & Outsourcing Solutions Company)

The FORE School Of Management, New Delhi alumnus of FMG 1992-1994

Adarsh Kumar, the esteemed Managing Director & CEO of We Win Limited, stands as a paragon of expertise and leadership in India’s BPO & Outsourcing Solutions sector. With a distinguished career spanning decades, Adarsh Kumar has garnered widespread acclaim for his extensive proficiency across diverse domains, including Retail Finance, Corporate Lending, Insurance, and Business Processes. Renowned for his adept navigation of corporate governance and risk management realms, he has consistently steered organisations towards success, orchestrating strategic expansions across varied geographical landscapes. Prior to his tenure at We Win Limited, Adarsh Kumar held pivotal CXO and top management roles at illustrious firms such as Tata Group, Bajaj Finance, Citigroup, and General Motors Group, leaving an indelible mark on each enterprise he graced. An alumnus of FORE School of Management, where he earned his MBA, and Delhi University, where he graduated in Economics, Adarsh Kumar’s pursuit of excellence knows no bounds. Committed to perpetual growth, he has augmented his knowledge through Executive Education programs at prestigious institutions, including Harvard Business School, Wharton School, Ohio University, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, XLRI Jamshedpur, and ISB Hyderabad. With a career steeped in innovation, integrity, and unwavering dedication, Adarsh Kumar epitomises the epitome of leadership, driving transformative change and setting benchmarks for industry excellence.

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Kush Mehra – President & CBO, Pine Labs , ET 40 under 40, 2022

The FORE School Of Management, New Delhi alumnus of PGDM 2002-2004

Kush Mehra’s upbringing in South Delhi’s CR Park neighbourhood, within a middle-class family dynamic, laid the groundwork for his future endeavours. With a civil engineer father and a schoolteacher mother, he imbibed values of diligence and perseverance from an early age. Securing his first summer job following the completion of his Class 10 board exams, Mehra gained a unique advantage over his peers, integrating practical experience with academic pursuits. Recognising the importance of holistic well-being, he embraced a commitment to physical fitness during his formative years, gravitating towards individual pursuits like gym workouts. This dedication to health and vitality has since become an integral part of his lifestyle, with a personal gym serving as his sanctuary for regular workouts. Armed with a B. Comm from Shahid Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University, and an MBA in marketing from FORE School of Management, Mehra found his passion in payments technology. Fueled by a fervent belief in the potential of India’s burgeoning payments landscape, he embarked on a mission to carve a niche for indigenous innovation. Leading with purpose and determination, Mehra’s journey exemplifies the fusion of ambition, resilience, and unwavering commitment to his vision. Today, as a leader in the payments domain, he continues to inspire and drive his team forward, guided by a steadfast belief in the power of his ideas and the potential of his nation.

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Rishi Aggarwal – Managing Director at JCBL Group

The FORE School Of Management, New Delhi alumnus of PGDM 2009-2011

Rishi Aggarwal’s journey from his family’s modest business in 1996 to leading the Rs 1685 crore JCBL Group today epitomises vision and resilience. Initially crafting bodies for Swaraj Mazda vehicles, Rishi transformed the enterprise into a multifaceted conglomerate spanning six manufacturing sectors, car dealerships, and international trade. Central to their success is Rishi’s emphasis on team cohesion and transparency, with many staff from the outset still integral. From its Chandigarh headquarters, JCBL now operates in 31 Indian cities, boasting 3000 employees and state-of-the-art facilities. Rishi’s personal journey, from Mumbai origins to boarding school discipline, followed by an MBA at FORE School of Management, underscores his dedication. Despite initial scepticism, he propelled JCBL forward, undeterred by challenges. His story is one of tenacity and innovation, inspiring entrepreneurs to defy the odds and pursue their dreams.

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