A multi-city model that fosters diversity & Innovation

In the ever-transforming world with multiple unpredictable changes encompassing us, it becomes necessary to hone the business graduates into able decision-makers and nurture them as exemplary global citizens. The very consciousness of belonging to the community of changemakers instills a sense of international mindedness, helping them not only scale up their career trajectories but also pave the way for creating a sustainable future.

SP Jain School of Global Management understands the need for global exposure to facilitate the best business and management education. Harbouring the diversity of culture, talents, and experiences, the new London campus of SP Jain facilitates a coming-of-age platform for students to network with their peers, upskill themselves, and thereby hone themselves into industry adept individuals. We discover more about the London campus and SP Jain’s distinct USPs in our exclusive one-on-one interview with Mr. Nitish Jain, President of SP Jain.


Q1: Firstly, we would like to congratulate you on your new campus in London. You started the multi-city model with your first campus in 2004 in Dubai and are now adding your 5th campus in London; what made you choose London?

SP Jain is a very student-centric school. Students come first; no matter what we do, it is for the students. Students wanted the London campus, so we worked really hard for that, as students come first for us. In fact, when you look at our other campuses, like Dubai, Sydney, and Singapore, they were chosen only because these cities were the choices of students. Speaking of London, it is the most sought-after city among the student community; the statistics speak for themselves. In terms of employment, the present scenario in the UK offers dynamic opportunities for students. At the end of the day, the idea remains that the students become industry ready, and the UK provides many opportunities that help shape our leaders of tomorrow.


Q2: The global business environment is constantly changing, making it quite dynamic for leaders & managers to adapt. How can business schools catch up with such changes, and how can a global & diverse cultural perspective assist in dealing with such matters?

It is an excellent question. As I said, being a student-centric school, we follow the industry’s ever-evolving needs. We look at what companies are looking for, and we mirror it exactly so the students become adept in the industry. In a nutshell, companies are looking for individuals proficient in decision-making. However, we have moved a step forward and enabled our MBAs to practice data-driven decision-making. Considering that the industry heavily emphasizes the importance of data- concepts like big data, data analytics, etc., we brought this model into our classroom years ago. Second, many other technologies like Tableau and Blockchain are being used in the supply chain, management reports, etc. We have incorporated this in our pedagogy by offering certificate programs in the said domains. We offer several add-ons to help our students understand technology as combined with business. We are not just a business school; we are a technology-led business school.


Q3: How are you looking to incorporate a diverse faculty list for the London campus? Do you have any names you can disclose?

In London, we will have faculty from the UK on board, possibly from different origins. Students on all our campuses will get an advantage of our global faculty. Each of these faculty members will share their own life experiences based on their background. We have top-rated faculty from 20 countries worldwide, and our faculty understands the practical learning approach. They would include the same while disseminating their diverse subject knowledge to the students.


Q4: Many students who enrol in the Global MBA program are looking to interact with international cultures; how is SP Jain aiding these students in terms of resources to achieve the same? 

By all means, our global alumni base is our strongest strength. We offer them a platform for networking within the industry and comprehensive ways to engage with diversity. Overall we focus on learning beyond classrooms, even through experiences- through trips, meetups with peers, even through a dinner table. In a way, we foster an environment that helps students to develop a multicultural and multifaceted mindset.


Q5: In terms of personality, what traits do you look for in an ideal SP Jain candidate?

Our biggest criteria while selecting the incoming cohort are aptitude for the subject and motivation. Our students must have the nerve to study and work under pressure while adopting the ambition to succeed.


Q6: Your advice for our young & upcoming CEOs, What is the one rule they should follow to achieve global success?

Focus is something that young people miss out on because there is a constant race to hustle. Those who focus are the ones who succeed, which means that it is important to have a clear vision towards goals. The concept I call and stress upon is Return on Luck. Luck is a fundamental part of all our lives. But the return on luck means what you do after you get lucky, how you utilize that chance given to you. What you do after you get lucky makes for a great success story.


S P Jain School of Global Management is an Australian business school that provides modern, relevant and practical global business education. With campuses in the dynamic business hubs of Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney, S P Jain Global is renowned for its multi-city undergraduate and postgraduate progtargrams as well as doctoral, executive and short-term online programs. For its flagship Global MBA program, the School has been ranked by reputed international publications such as Forbes, Times Higher Education–Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and The Economist.

S P Jain Global is registered as an Institute of Higher Education by the Australian Government’s Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). Upon graduation, students receive a degree conferred by SP Jain School of Global Management, Australia. The School is registered as a Private Education Institute (PEI) by the Committee for Private Education (CPE), Singapore, and permitted by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Government of Dubai, UAE. Click here to read more.

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